Quotes of the Week

Where would we be without our commenters? You help get the conversation going by sharing your opinions; your comments inspire, inform and make us laugh. (Note: We are preserving the integrity of each quote by leaving them as written, typos and all).

"I gained two pounds just taking the poll," said commenter Rocky Vitale in response to an on Friday on the sale of the variety of Girl Scout cookies.


"How can we be expected to pick just one? It's like, hey, which of your kids is your favorite? You just can't do it...," chimed in Local Editor and commenter Paul Singley on Friday on the s.


"Kids are just expressing themselves, although I think that slippers take it too far. LOL,'' said Kelley HC, a Patch commenter, on Friday, we wrote on the youth prediliction toward wearing pj's in public.


"Still better than pants sitting halfway down their backsides -,'' wrote Rashomon on Thursday, referring to the about youth wearing pajamas in public.


"Thank you for sharing this special piece with us. We all need to enjoy and appreciate the simplier things in life," wrote commenter MyGoodPeople about last .


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