At Oxford Pharmacy, a 'Crazy' Demand for Flu Shots [Video]

Local pharmacy sees an unprecedented demand for vaccinations.

As flu season continues to barrel through Oxford and the greater Connecticut region, local pharmacies are struggling to keep up with the heightened demand for flu shots.

At Oxford Pharmacy on Oxford Road, owner Frank Diaferio says this season—unlike others—has given way a perennial parade of residents seeking the flu vaccines.

"It's been nuts," he said, noting the business sold out of its first shipment of 80 shots in October.

Diaferio's shop was completely out of stock three weeks ago, but has since refreshed its reserves—currently, the pharmacy has about 35 shots.

"There's a waiting list to receive them," Diaferio added. The shop administers shots anytime during store hours.

Oxford Pharmacy has been serving between eight and 12 shots daily, a major uptick. On a recent Thursday-Friday-Saturday, the business administered 60 shots in 72 hours.

"Our record is 25 shots in one day," Diaferio added.

As for selling other winter sundries, Diaferio said the ongoing cold snap hasn't altered anyone's buying habits—in short, Chapstick and ski masks aren't flying off the shelves at a faster pace.

"You can't catch a cold from the cold," Diaferio said.

OxfordCitizen January 25, 2013 at 11:37 AM
Well the media does it's best to scare the heck out of everyone and then it's a surprise that pharmacies run out of flu shots ? Drug companies quietly rejoice....
Craig Zac January 25, 2013 at 12:31 PM
i find it funny how almost all of the people I asked in the beginning of this winter if they had went for the shot told me.. "Nahhh I never get one, I never get the flu" or.. "i dont need a flu shot" but are now all running around trying to get one..lol its almost as if they thought it was cool to NOT get the shot untill they saw everyone else go to get one, then they thought theyd better get one too! lol
NANCY January 27, 2013 at 11:23 AM
i did get my flu shot from oxford pharmacy and i must say frank the owner gave me the best shot i ever got never even hurt at all and not swelling or redness.thank you frank your the best...i really say i can trust his shot giving and you must to.


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