POLL: Do You Support Malloy's Blue Law Amendment?

Now on to to Senate approval, do you support Sunday liquor sales in Connecticut?

After one of the most popular , we have  you have a lot to say about 's decision to amend the state's Blue Laws today. So we're asking: Do you support Sunday liquor sales?

Vote and tell your neighbors in the comments section. 

The following is a statement Malloy released Thursday:

“...The House voted in favor of one of the most significant changes to our state’s blue laws in recent memory.

“Under the current law, we lose millions of dollars over the border every Sunday.  It’s a bad policy that inconveniences consumers and makes businesses less competitive.  But after tonight, there will be an additional 55 days where sales will be permissible.  It’s a good first step.

“I continue to believe there’s more we can do to make our package stores more consumer friendly.  I am encouraged that the legislature will study this issue, a sign I hope that there may be more we can accomplish in the near future.  This much is certain - the more we can lower prices for consumers, the more competitive our businesses will be.  And the hundreds of millions of dollars our state would recapture will unquestionably benefit our economy.”

Realist April 27, 2012 at 01:04 PM
I don't really care much about the Sunday liquor sales one way or the other,but the prospect of chain stores putting small stores out of business is very disquieting.
Roc April 27, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Yes I do approve of Liquor stores being open on Sunday. I feel that it should be their decision whether they want to open or not. I wouldn't force a business to open or stay open if they felt the need not to.Also, I approve of Sunday hunting.
Will Wilkin April 27, 2012 at 01:15 PM
That was the real story all along but the sensationalist approach was to cover "how does it affect me?" angle instead of all the advantages the chains had written into the more important parts of the law. But I read the packy lobby was satisfied with whatever changes were made in the bill re: preferential pricing etc. Not sure exactly how that sausage cooked out.


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