CT Certified Personal Trainer - I Come To You!

Don't let the bad weather or Winter blues deter you from getting into shape.

Now is the best time to lose weight, burn fat & add lean muscle.

Most people are not very active in the Winter months. We all know that not being very active causes weight gain, boredom and some people even become depressed duing the Winter months.

Most people don't even want to leave their house in the Winter months.

To compensate from the Winter blues, exercising is essential to keeping a positive attitude and keeping the body in a fat burning state.

Exercising thirty minutes three times a week can keep your bodies metabolism from adding fat while becoming more active in the Winter.

When looking to add exercise you need to take into consideration strength training, cardiovascular exercise & making some nutritional changes in you diet.

If you are unaware on how to meet your exercise and nutritional requirements I would be happy to speak with you. 

Please visit my website here

This can be a start to getting rid of the Winter blues while getting in much leaner & healthier shape.


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