Why am I voting for Linda McMahon

I would rather have someone that is going to lower my taxes, not raise them.

The quick answer is simple, I am tired of career Politian’s that are more worried about taking care of themselves than they are about looking out for their constituents.

Chris Murphy has never had a real job in his life, he has never created one job, nor has he helped business create jobs. Chris is a career politician that has no problem making sure he gets sweet deals from banks for himself while voting to add more regulations to businesses and more taxes on the average citizen; personally I have had enough of this.

Ask yourself, how long would you last if you didn’t pay your mortgage? The bank would foreclose on you in a second, but that did not happen to Chris Murphy. How many loans would you get if you not only missed mortgage payments but had been sued for also not paying rent? I think you know the answer.

I often hear people tell me that if we don’t re-elect Murphy and Obama, we will be on our own. GOOD, leave me alone and I will be just fine. It is when the government decides to tax me to death and put in so many regulations that it is next to impossible to start or run a company that causes people not to make it. I know what I am talking about, I came from a single family home in the Bronx, my mother and my siblings had to go on welfare just to survive. But do to the greatness of this country my mother was able to learn a trade and in five years she was off welfare and a few short years after that she owned her own company.

After serving in the United Sates Marine Corps and retiring from the New York City Police Department, I started my own company. In the beginning I worked three jobs just to be able to buy the equipment I needed and support my family. After six years I was able to buy some of my competitors companies and after eight years I was able to sell that company and move back to the northeast.

I learned that with the government off your back and with a lot of hard work you CAN make it on your own. Linda McMahon knows that too. She started out with humble means and built a very successful business that employees hundreds of people, she understands people. Linda came to my home to talk. We had Republican’s Independents and Democrats here that night and every single one of them walked out of this house saying that she was the right person for the job.

Who do you want in office, someone that has spent their whole life just trying to keep power for themselves and who has been part of the problem for the last fourteen years or someone like Linda who has spent her whole life building a company, hiring others, and helping her fellow citizens? I think the answer is clear. I don’t know about you but it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet every day, so I would rather have someone that is going to lower my taxes, not raise them.

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Lucia October 15, 2012 at 01:39 PM
I couldn't agree with you more, Linda has my vote.


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