Oxford Opens Emergency Shelter

The shelter is open at Oxford High School but officials ask that residents wait until tomorrow morning to come if possible due to "treacherous road conditions."


Oxford officials have opened the emergency shelter for residents at Oxford High School Monday evening.

Several people are expected to take advantage as 63 percent of Oxford’s Connecticut Light & Power customers are without power as of the latest numbers. However, Fire Chief Scott Pelletier urges residents to remain in their homes throughout the evening if they can and head to the shelter in the morning.

“We make that request due to the large number of roads that are impassable at this point,” he said. “The closures are making it treacherous and it’s almost impossible to get from point A to point B.”

At the shelter, residents can get something to eat and drink, take a shower or perhaps sleep on a cot.

Pelletier, the town’s emergency management director, expected to be going out with CL&P crews Monday evening to open some roads where trees and wires were down.

He said there were several closed as of Monday evening, with the major roads being as follows:

  • Hogsback Road
  • O’Neill Road near Newgate
  • Freeman Road
  • Coppermine Road

Pelletier said he would try to provide us with a list of all roads that are closed first thing in the morning.

(If you know of any other roads that are closed, please tell us in the comments section. Thank you.) 

Sandra October 30, 2012 at 02:49 AM
There is a big tree down on Burr rd just before ketteltown southbury along with wires down on Hulls Hill Rd just after Jeremy Swamp that was as of 6pm


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