Report: Some Private Plowers Charging Exorbitant Rates

How much did it cost you to get plowed out after the blizzard?


As the piles of snow got higher from Friday night into Saturday, the cost of having your driveway plowed may have been going up as well.

In New Haven, there was at least one private snowplower who was charging $200 per hour to clear snow away from residences, according to a story in the New Haven Independent.

Connecticut has laws in place that prohibit so-called price gouging in the wake of natural disasters, a law that was enacted in 2012. Under this law, "the Department of Consumer Protection can level an unfair trade practices charge against any business charging an "unconscionably excessive price" for vital goods or services during a weather emergency as declared by the governor," the Connecticut Mirror reported last year.

There have been many stories since Friday of Good Samaritans and good neighbors helping out where needed.

How much did you pay to get the snow cleared? Tell us in the comments.

Gouger?? February 13, 2013 at 01:07 AM
How much do you suggest we charge per hr to clear 2-3 feet of snow??
JYD February 16, 2013 at 03:48 PM
Plowing your driveway is not a vital emergency. You got two arm and two legs... go out there and do it yourself. If elderly or incapacitated, you live in New England and should have had the foresight to make plowing arrangements before winter started. You want the luxury of not doing either... then you pay the prevailing rate. And even though I did my driveway by hand, $200 would have been a bargain compared to the number of hours I spent out there.


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