Thinking Things Look Different on Oxford Patch?

You're right! Our site got a little facelift last night.

No, you're not losing it! Patch looks different today. We did a quick visual nip-and-tuck to the homepage to make it even more user-friendly. And we've moved a couple pieces of furniture. For those keeping score: 

* We tweaked some words in our navigation bar to save space (e.g., "Traffic & Gas" is now "Commute," our "Neighborhood Gallery" is "Pics & Clips" and "Places" is now called "Directory"). 

* We moved the weather icon next to the Patch branding so you can find it more quickly! 

* We moved, well, YOU closer to the top! (Our "shout stream" is now front and center to show all your comments off.) 

* Today's "Events" moved to the right side of the page so you'll still know what's happening today.

* And of course we prettified a few things. 

While the site might look a little different today, we still offer the same robust coverage of everything happening in your community. That was, is, and will always be our mission. We hope you'll let us know what you think of our tweaks - drop me a line at paul.singley@patch.com or offer a comment below! 

Dick Kaminski March 29, 2012 at 11:57 PM
One of the Patch features I enjoy most is being able to follow comments about various Patch stories. Too bad the reformatting only shows two or three comments on the home page and to see more you need to navigate to another page. It works ok I guess, if you are using a computer. I’m not sure about other mobile devices but I am no longer able to view comments on my iPhone unless I view the story. My preferred way to view on my phone was to save www.oxford-ct.com to the phones home page. It would then be “mobile formatted” with a banner across the top showing News, Events, Places, Activity, and Traffic. Clicking on Activity no longer brings up a list of comments. Is this a permanent change or is it just an IT problem? By the way to the best of my knowledge, the iPhone App never has had the ability to view all comments, only as they are attached to the respective stories.


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