'Would the Republicans Also Like New Sand in the Sandbox?'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"I mean, Darien is a nice, safe place, but it ain't Mayberry!" —

"The coach is a teacher first and is there to teach sportsmanship, not the art of being a jackass."—

"You'll be able to write the story before the event happens!"—

"Would the Republicans also like new sand in the sandbox?"—

"Not all licensed firearms carriers are from the "from my cold, dead hands" church, including myself. I agree that not everyone needs to own high-powered weapons, but I also think that if I've followed the rules, as do many, instead of making tougher legislation to obtain a permit or a weapon legally, make the penalties for those who do it illegally or use their weapon to cause harm much more painful."—


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