The Best Advice I Ever Got From My Dad

Tell us about the wisdom your father has shared with you and post pictures of you and your dad.


Like many fathers and sons, my dad and I disagree about a lot of things. He's given me great advice over the years that I have willfully ignored, choosing to make my own mistakes and nearly always regretting ignoring his suggestions later on.

When I think of the best advice I've ever gotten from my dad, though, I don't think of the things he's said, but rather the things he's done: 

  • He's given me great advice about how to be a good husband one day, by always treating my mom like a Queen, doing his fair share of work around the house and putting her needs before his own.
  • He's given me great advice about how to be a productive member of society, by always doing his part to support our family, by working two jobs when he needed to.
  • He's given me great advice about how to give back to the community, by assisting at soup kitchens, prisons, and always taking the time to talk to those in need rather than just brushing them aside.

If I did have to cite one concrete verbal suggestion that stays with me, it would be the mantra my dad has always told me over and over again: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." 

While I'm not sure if I know exactly what I stand for — at least I'm not nearly as certain as my father has always been — I do know that when I do figure it out, I hope I'll stand half as tall as my dad always has.

Paul Singley June 16, 2012 at 10:38 AM
Tell us in comments some of the best advice you've gotten from your father.
Dorothy DeBisschop June 16, 2012 at 01:15 PM
When my father visited a long-time elderly friend he had not seen in years, he was upset because his friend was incontinent and "wet his pants." My father said to me, in front of my mother and husband, "If I ever get like that, put me in a nursing home." It was the best advice (really instruction) he ever gave me. As the years passed, he suffered from dementia and cancer. It was too much for my mother to take care of him. I had him put in a nursing home against his will and he was very angry about it. He had some very angry and hurtful things to say against me and my mother. I reminded myself and others of what he had said when he was in his right mind. The best part of the story is that when he neared death, he seemed to realize that it was for the best. He actually told my mother she had always been a good wife and took care of him in the best way. That last conversation between the two of them made all the heartbreak and anger unimportant at last.


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