Protecting Your Puppy Around Halloween Time

Halloween's nearly upon us. Do you know what's poisonous to your dog? Read on to find out more about that and other popular posts on Patch!

Photo courtesy of Connecticut Veterinarian
Photo courtesy of Connecticut Veterinarian
Written by Penny Riordan

Patch bloggers write about a variety of our topics on our site. From tips for pets on Halloween to predictions for this winter's weather, bloggers have a lot to say!

Here’s some of the best blogs we saw this week:

1. With Halloween less than a week away, Connecticut Veterinarian posted a timely blog about pets and Halloween.

In a blog post on Canton Patch, Arnie reminds us that certain Halloween candy can be lethal to pets. 

While most pet owners know about the dangers of chocolate, there are other substances such as xylitol, which is found in hard candies. 

"Xylitol is in fact extremely toxic to dogs. Even small amounts of xylitol can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures, liver failure and even death."

2. If you have ever lost something of value and wondered where it ended up, you will love to read this blog by Greg Mazzella

In a blog post on Odenton Patch, Mazzella shared the story of how a class ring was returned to its rightful owner. 

A woman hired a private investigator to help find the owner of a 1954 class ring from Indiana. 

Mazzella shared the fascinating story about how after more than a year of research and hunting down leads eventually led him to the original owner. 

"As can be imagined, she was thrilled to hear that her ring had somehow traveled to Maryland and been safely contained in someone’s personal collection for the last thirty years."

3. On Chelmsford Patch, a proud aunt decided to blog this week about the inspiring goals her twin sister's children are aspiring to achieve. 

Janelle Cioffi wrote in a blog post about her niece with cerebral palsy. Despite her physical disabilities and a serious surgery planned, Rachel has a goal to run a mile. 

"Rachael has taught me more than any word could describe or any article I could write.  Rachel has taught me and our family to never to look away from a child with a disability and more importantly, never to pity a child with a disability, but rather look in her eyes and talk to her because chances are she is most likely stronger and wiser than we are. We are so lucky that she is part of our family."


4. This police officer in Portsmouth, NH took to Patch to spread the word about the needs of his community in a blog post on Portsmouth Patch. 

Scott Sullivan said that the department is in need of donations for the helping hand program, which helps needy families during the holiday season. 

"The feeling of seeing a mom cry with joy because life is a bit easier is one I will never forget. Helping our community is such an honor and I hope you can find it in your heart to help however you can whether it be through us or another organization."

5. While Fall is only a few weeks old, for many folks winter is not too far off. 

On Dacula Patch, blogger North Georgia Weather shares his predictions for winter in a blog post

"The winter weather possibilities are getting very interesting for Georgia this year. A weak El Nino and/or an active southern jet may bring several large winter storms to the northern part of Georgia this winter."

In the blog post, North Georgia Weather backs up his predictions with a breakdown of statistics for other winters when there were weak El Nino's in the atmosphere.


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