Sunday Brunch

A Penny for My Thoughts

I recently watched a travel program that highlighted foods from around the globe. Now I was gagging as I watched people eating bull testicles, snake meat, chicken feet and monkey brains. Often these rather bizarre meals were eaten with relish... (not the hotdog type, but the verb, tee hee).

Americans believe that we consume 'normal' meals... Pot Roast, Fried Chicken and Burgers as examples. How 'bout these eatables — Goose Intestines, Tongue Sandwich, Jellyfish Salad and Frog Legs. Personally, I have never eaten the previous four delicacies, and I can't imagine exactly how I would decline them if offered. They are all found on menus across our red, white and blue country. Are you feeling squeamish yet? Let's add to the list of goodies we consume; Teriyaki Cockroaches, Maggot Pupae, Worm Pretzels and Tarantula Pops. (Seems we have a 'bug' thing happening here.) There's Corn Smut -don't ask,  Head Cheese, Sea Urchin Roe and Moose Terrine. We 'U.S.A ians' certainly relish (not the hotdog...), our food, AND we tend to be snobby about our particular palates. Do you suppose that the Rwandans or the Mongolians watch television shows depicting our Sunday brunches? 

"I'll have the Raw Oysters, please."

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Lucia November 16, 2012 at 08:05 PM
I have eaten a lot of the mentioned foods that seems to turn your stomach. As a child we always had tongue sandwiches and they are still quite delicious to me. I grew up in New York City so it's not something odd or foreign. I had jellyfish salad in Hawaii and it was very good. Frogs legs taste like chicken, seriously. Chicken feet are served in authentic Chinese restaurants and are very tasty, but take some time to eat as the meat is sucked off and the cartilage should be avoided. Testicles, snake meat and monkey brains will be avoided by me along with any kind of insect. Head cheese can be found in your local deli and is a jellied meat dish made from the head of a pig or calf. Occasionally, a sheep’s or cow’s head may be used. Head cheese typically takes the form of a large sausage and is served sliced as a cold cut. Alternatively, it may be made in a mold or pan and served as a terrine. It is usually eaten slightly chilled or at room temperature, to prevent the gelatin from melting.


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