'Another Example of a Public Figure Lying'

Patch account-holders weigh in on the day's news, from a police investigation involving a local political party chairman to the arrest of a man for allegedly killing his dog.

East Haven

"Just another example of a public figure lying and cheating the people, and then calling out others. WOW, what a joke" offers that reaction to news that a police investigation revealed that the town's to discredit and provoke a vocal opponent of the town's Democrats.


"I drove the husband home that night after the fatal accident in Stratford that killed his wife. No tolls. Never again. Never!" This personalized perspective comes from in regard to a .


"It just baffles me how people can disrespect their pets." tries to make sense of a police report on the arrest of a 22-year-old man who .


"Clearly, it's not real life" This is according to , who loves the . "It's a great get away," she adds.


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