Best Places For Valentine's Day/Romantic Dinner

Tell us what you think.

Last week we rolled out our new feature about local businesses in which we ask readers to comment on the best places to do something: get pizza, get grinders, get ice cream, eat dinner, buy school supplies, etc.

Our first contest was on the best place to get pizza locally. Readers talked about all five places that sell pizza in Oxford - , , , and - and Zoi's Pizza in Seymour. Since there was no overwhelming winner from the comments field, we are asking you to again tell us who the best is in our poll. (.) The winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Also by Tuesday, we want you to tell us, in honor of St. Valentine's Day, where is the best place locally to have a romantic dinner? Please tell us in the comments field and on Tuesday, we will post another poll featuring the top four businesses that are mentioned in comments. 

Thanks and have a great weekend.


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