‘Can We Convert Our Blood Into Cash?”

A look at comments made by Patch account holders in the region.


“We Tibetans are proud of him. He is [the] face of our inspiration and encouragement.” An , Tibet’s president-in-exile. expresses thoughts on the president.  


“I don't understand why the prices of food items in these rest area restaurants are so much higher than the same restaurants in any given town. A family of four will easily spend $40 or more. We decided now, when we're traveling to prepare food at home along with drinks and store it all in an ice cooler. This way we have more cash to spend on over priced gasoline.” The on I-95 in Milford is open for business and asks this question.


“I think the budget will work for us if the town can let us know how we can live without groceries to support it? Can we convert our blood in to cash?” The mayor’s budget, which raises taxes, is scrutinized by readers like . 


“What message are we sending these poor kids, that you aren't OK because you are different??? Shame on those parents and the kids. Their actions speak to their ignorance. Things have to change, we need to be forward thinking and make room in our world for these kids with love and understanding. They have so much to offer us, and this story just reaffirms my desire to make change happen!” A Patch columnist about how her people treat her nephew, who has autism. knows where the author is coming from.

Craig Zac April 10, 2012 at 11:43 AM
The newly re-opened (Sunoco? or shell, I forget) On RTE 111 in Trumbul (right befor Home Depot on Right) has cheaper gas than the previous owners did. Also the new owners are the same who own the newly re opened service station on I95 and on that stations opening day, the Trumbul store did more in sales of Gasoline. Personaly, I use Mobile cause thats the gas card I have so I dont check prices of other stations but I do go here a few times per week for coffee on my way to work so I know the staff pretty good.


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