'Convicted White Collar Criminals Always Get Slaps on the Wrist'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


 "Convicted white collar criminals always get slaps on the wrist...but the guy or gal who steals items or money to feed their family or to feed a god-awful addiction get the book thrown at them. Imagine if a 'true bank robber' cleaned out the bank vault of $6 Million, he'd get 20+ years. But because it's a 'respectable' executive within the bank, she steals the same amount and gets 8 years. Such is life in America." Those are the sentiments of in reaction to news that .  


"Congestion pricing can work in a city like London or New York where they have mass transit systems. We don't have that here. So those of us who have to travel at peak times will be penalized (one more 'tax') just to get to our jobs to provide for our families. Just one more example of the 'excellent' job our lawmakers are doing. I can't wait for the gross receipts gas tax to be capped so we can safe a life changing 1 1/2 cents per gallon on $4 dollar gas. There has to be a tipping point!" The Department of Transportation is would work. doesn't think it will.


"Great news for Foxon! We have been waiting a long time, and hopefully one quality store will attract more quality stores. Actually, good news all the way around for a change." This seemingly neglected part of town is filling one of its vacant buildings t. The town is typically partisan, but all sides - and especially - think this is positive.


"If it looks like a quota, smells like a quota, walks like a quota, I think we have a quota." Connecticut State Police are for traffic tickets, but isn't buying their reasoning.


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