Moms Talk: When Is Your Child Too Sick For School?

Some parents send their children to school with fevers. Others keep them home after the first cough. What do you think is appropriate?

The calendar has turned over to October, school is back in full swing, and flu season is right around the corner.

No parent wants it to happen, but it’s bound to occur - children will come down with some form of sickness and will likely be forced to miss school.

Some parents err on the side of caution and keep a child home if he or she sneezes once or coughs twice (and not necessarily in that order). Others think kids are resilient and would rather not take a day off from work, pay for a babysitter or have their child miss a day of learning if they have a small fever. 

So our questions for parents, and educators, are: How sick does your child have to be to hold them out of school? How can you tell when your child is really sick, or maybe just petitioning for a day off? It’s a tough call, how do you make it?

Bonnie October 08, 2011 at 03:28 PM
As a parent of a chronically sick child I DO NOT send her to school with a fever nor do I send her when she's dealing with a kidney infection (which is her illness that she faces every other week). Children that are chronically sick shouldn't be sent to school because they will pick up other germs from the kids that are sent to school when they shouldn't be. I have heard from other parents that they HAVE to send their child to school sick due to their job. I understand that parents have to go to work but they do need to come up with a plan so they can keep their germ carrying child home. I made my plans and thought about everything through before I had my kids, people need to do this before having their children. Parents also need to explain to their kids that they only complain of an illness if it really exists. My daughter doesn't always run a fever but other times it's 106, I've got to use my own knowledge and experience with my child. After 7 yrs of constant infections I know if she's pulling my leg and just doesn't want to go to school. If your child is always complaining maybe there's something going on in school that needs to be looked into! Bullying..... My opinion is to use your judgement but DON'T send em with a fever, you may be opening your child up for a bigger and worse illness than you'd want!


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