Oxford Still Needs Answers to Topsoil Giveaway

At the Oct. 16 Board of Selectmen meeting, First Selectman George Temple began a discussion of the way a pile of town-owned topsoil was  given away by referring to talk of a "secret deal." It's important to note that First Selectman candidate David Heim has never claimed the giveaway of the soil entailed a secret deal.

Temple also failed to give an adequate explanation for why a contractor was paid $9,500 in cash and allowed to take unused topsoil in payment for his work.  Temple never explained why the contractor wasn't simply paid in cash. He also failed to provide an adequate explanation of how the soil's value was determined and who made that determination.

Most important of all, Temple has said that "nobody in town made a deal for dirt."  But the signed agreement between the contractor and the town make it clear that the contractor was allowed to take unused topsoil. That sounds like a deal for dirt. Temple needs to explain this discrepancy to the voters.


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