Oxford Toymaker Lets You Choose Whether to Believe Herman Cain

Oxford-based Herobuilders.com has new figurines including Herman Cain and Pippa, sister of Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife.


Anyone who supports Herman Cain and firmly believes he's innocent of sexual harassment can now order an action doll of the embattled presidential candidate as a solo figure.

But anyone who thinks he's guilty might just want the second Herman Cain doll, which shows him with a bleach blond, model-esque figure around his arm. That doll is known as Herman Cain and Playmate and costs substantially more.

They are just two of the many comical and controversial figures one can purchase on the site Herobuilders.com (see photos of the dolls through this link), which is run by Oxford, Conn., toymaker Emil Vicale. Over the years he's built figurines of President George W. Bush; Vice President Dick Cheney; the Rambama doll, which shows President Obama in full military fatigues following the takedown of Osama bin Laden; and an Anthony Weiner doll with shorts that say "Tweet This."

And let's not forget the Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman action figures that come with various types of professional or scantily clad attire; the Balloon Boy's Dad; Michael Jackson hanging his baby over a railing; former New York gubanatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan, who famously ran under the party name "The Rent is Too Damn High"; or the more serious military action figures in which U.S. military personnel are honored with action figures of their likeness.

Although some of his toys have been criticized as being in bad taste, Vicale has told Oxford Patch that he's having fun and hopes other adults enjoy what he says is harmless humor. He also said he's a major supporter of the military, which is why he makes the military figurines.

It also appears Vicale is a matchmaker of sorts. He is willing to get you a date (well, sort of) with Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, the one who has made headlines and whose social life has been the talk of gossip columnists since the famed Royal wedding. That's right: thanks to Herobuilders.com, you, too, can take out Pippa for the price of $49.95 plus shipping and handling. Just don't expect her to be much of a conversationalist.


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