This Wednesday, Oct. 23, some 4,000 Oxford residents who receive the Voices newspaper will see a colorful but false and misleading insert from the Temple-Haney campaign touting its record on economic development in town.

“The four-page insert is one big lie,” says David Heim, Democratic candidate for First Selectman. He adds: “The insert shows photos of 17 projects in Oxford and makes it seem as if George Temple and his Economic Development Director had a hand in them. They did not. And a document on the town’s own web site proves that they did not.”

Heim adds: “Neither Temple nor his Economic Development Director seem to have bothered reading that document. It details the truth about these economic development projects. Will someone please tell George Temple that his pants are on fire?”

(Go to:

to see the documents)

Heim says: “The facts are clear: Even though he said it was his top priority when he ran for office, Temple has done nothing to bring new commercial and industrial development to Oxford, broadening the tax base. And that means homeowners have to pay for Temple’s big spending increases. The Industrial Grand List has dropped 2.7 percent under George Temple; in the six years before he took office, it nearly doubled. If Temple doesn’t want the voters of Oxford to know the truth about his economic development record, how can he be trusted to run the town responsibly?”

These are the worst falsehoods in the flyer:

Oxford Greens. This over-55 residential development is shown twice. The project was approved in 2004. It has nothing to do with commercial or industrial development. George Temple had nothing to do with its approval or its current expansion.

Cavalry Brewing. This business came to town before Temple took office.

B. United International. This company moved to Oxford in 2008 and has periodically added on to its building. The most recent addition was begun before Temple took office.

Xenon Arch Lighting. The town approved this project in 2007. Temple had nothing to do with it.

New Roller Bearing Corp. Building. The town approved this project in 2007. Temple had nothing to do with it.

Farrell Pomini. This business moved to town before Temple took office.

A.D.Z. @ Oxford Airport. This refers to the new economic development zone that Gov. Dannel Malloy recently established. The impetus for this zone came from Temple’s predecessor and from State Sen. Rob Kane, not from George Temple.

Oxford Airport New Hangar. This project was in development before Temple took office. But Temple’s refusal to sell a site to the project’s developer may well have spoiled relations between the town and the developer.

Balfor Industries Inc. This company purchased its building before Temple took office. Temple had no role in Balfor’s decision to locate in Oxford.

carol October 23, 2013 at 04:38 PM
Ed, certainly you may have my copy. I don't want it anyway. Just let me know how I can get it to you. My phone number is in the telephone book, if you'd like to call. Best, C
Tanya Carver October 23, 2013 at 04:43 PM
Hello Ed, if you email me at tanya.carver@pb.com I have scanned it and will email it back :)
carol October 23, 2013 at 04:50 PM
A scanned copy simply does not do its due justice to such a fictional flyer. One has to see the real thing to get a taste of the inevitable and sincere disappointment in Temple. Wow...
Will Wilkin October 23, 2013 at 05:28 PM
For those who didn't get a copy of the Temple-Haney flier in Voices, I just got mine and offer this description: There is a 10-word question on the front cover "Has Oxford Had Economic Development In The Last 2 Years?" an inset 2-page photo spread with 17 pictures of commercial properties with the name of each business as pic captions, and then a back cover that says "Vote Republican Temple Haney" plus the legal obligatory "Paid for by Together Again 2013 Jan Wise Treasurer." As someone with zero attachment to any political party, concerned only with the good of the community in which my son goes to school and we reside, I offer my reaction to the Temple flier in context of the discussion above. Regarding Mr. Helm's critique quoted in the article above, which used the words “The four-page insert is one big lie,” that is the kind of rhetoric that repels me from politics, because it attacks Mr. Temple's character personally (nobody likes a liar) while grossly and thus unfairly overstating the offense. In actuality, Mr. Temple's minimalist text does not claim to have been the decisive factor in these economic developments, nor does he even claim to have done anything at all besides noting he has been in office during the time that steps were taken towards developing economic activity at these sites. Do I give him credit for all that economic development? Not necessarily, but he doesn't actually take credit. So it is a weak claim he makes, but certainly not a "lie." In fact, to me it seems that it is a lie to say he is lying. And nobody likes a liar.
Ed Rowland October 23, 2013 at 05:34 PM
Thanks Carol and Tanya.


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