‘The Laws of Economics Will Prevail’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


Are There Too Many Pizza Places in Milford?

"I have no idea why people are against commerce in their own town. The laws of economics will prevail eventually. The more popular ones will survive while the lesser so will eventually close up. In the mean time it is a lot better to have rented stores in our business district than a bunch of boarded up ones." - 

Boys Charged For Shooting Man With Airsoft Gun in Wilton

“I think as far as kids go in Wilton the age 15 is the new 7!” -

SportsBeat: Blueprint for the Olympic Dream

“This dream couldn't come true for a better person. Go Craig. Throw far!” –

Taborsak Erects Tents at City Hall to Raise Homelessness Awareness

”The funny part is if the real homeless try to bunk in with them, they would call the police and demand removal of the "bums." –

Campaign Notebook: Opinions Vary on 'Obamacare'

“One small step for big government. One giant leap to its death for mankind.” –

White Hills Open Space Damaged by ATVs

"One can surely expect the kids to be 'juvenile,' but it is the adults who show them the way and instill in them the attitude that everything's OK as long as you get away with it.” –


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