Oxford Board of Finance

Hello Oxford voters,

On November 5th, we vote for those who we believe will best serve the Oxford’s overall interests.

The “power of the purse” is important, so please allow me to speak concerning the Board of Finance.

I’ve been honored to work alongside Tom Kelly, Jack Kiley, and Chairperson Lila Ferrillo.  Plainly speaking, each of these individuals is honest, hardworking, and intelligent.  Each has raised their families here, and have called Oxford home for near 40 years.  Each brings a special and valuable skill to the Board.

Very CONSERVATIVE Tom Kelly has faithfully served on the BoF for 20+ years.  He has a special wealth of valuable board and charter knowledge which no one else possesses.  This knowledge has proven beneficial over and over, and he has fought for your family’s best interest year after year.  

Ace ACCOUNTANT Jack Kiley is the board’s finance guru.  Over the past four years he has been the board’s liaison to the Board of Education and given countless hours helping that board form sound budgets.  Of most importance is the financial expertise Jack brought to the Tax Collector incident and ultimate closure of it.  He was the key contributor to collecting evidence, and thereafter establishing a process which would guard against similar happening again.  We owe him a tremendous thank you.    

Last but not least, CHAIRPERSON Lila Ferrillo has demonstrated leadership, bringing a special touch and skill to the board.  Her wise thinking established BoF liaisons for each town department.  This process change has proven beneficial in better communications, deeper board knowledge, and smoother running budget cycles.

These three individuals complement each other very well.   Each has maintained an unbiased independence, and each has fought for Oxford faithfully and smartly.   

Please join me in reelecting all three of these people.

Respectfully,   Dick Burke

Richard Burke October 29, 2013 at 10:06 AM
I wish to re-emphasize my support for Lila Ferrillo, Tom Kelly, and Jack Kiley in no certain order. These three individuals are experienced BoF members who have served you faithfully. They have worked hard for us and collectively this team has strived to towards honesty, independence, and balancing the needs of our community with maintaining a reasonable mil rate. The last two years presented a challenging project for the town which has been controversial in some eyes … the lay down of the HS track and field. While some felt it was unnecessary, the majority via referendum stated that it was. This project did not have to go to referendum; however these three people and I strongly encouraged the BoS to take this route such that there would never be doubt that the collective town’s people supported it. Our Mr. Temple and Mr. Haney took control of this project and got it done in an extremely cost effective manner. With that now completed, the cost of the new track & field can be added to the overall HS project and closed out with the State of Connecticut. Please join me in re-electing all three of these people, and I assure you that over the next four years they'll continue working independently on your behalf towards the main goal of minimizing our Town’s expense and maximizing its non-tax income.


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