'You Cannot Stop the Actions of Evil Men'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

Why? Why Aurora, Ft. Hood, Gabby Giffords, VA Tech...

“You cannot stop the actions of evil men. Whether it is with guns, knives, bombs, poisons, or their hands, people will seek to kill people. We cannot legislate morality.” –  

Future of Reclusive Copper Heiress’ New Canaan Estate Uncertain

“Hey Tom Cruse, I heard you are looking for a place of refuge, this would be it...” – 

2nd 'Suicide by Cop' Attempt Tuesday; Charges Pending

“I agree, the man needs psychiatric help. So give it to him, but don't tell me he will be dumped on the street because money has been cut from the budget.” –

Michael Bolton Coming to Trumbull

“It would be impossible to please everyone with the choice of performer. There have been a couple performers I wasn't thrilled with but I've always gone to the concert anyway because it's always a great event.” –

“Don't they have enough money yet? Who else is disgusted at the way our presidential candidates beg for money? They have both raised obscene amounts, only to waste it on campaigning.” –

“While I sympathize with the neighbors directly behind the shopping center, I should point out that the shopping center was there when they moved in.” –

P&Z OKs 30-Foot Field Lights for a Year

“If 30 foot lights are supposed to promote safety, it would be appropriate to keep track of injuries. I see the lighting as allowing for more contact and consequently more injuries. If this is truly about safety, THAT should be the basis for record keeping. I'm guessing it will be an afterthought.” -


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