Attorney Has Different Story About Dog Attack

An attorney who represents a woman arrested after her dogs attacked and killed another dog says the woman's dogs were provoked.

An attorney representing a woman after her dogs attacked and killed another dog at Jackson Cove Park says the dogs did not begin the altercation, according to the Republican-American.

Ralph Crozier, who represents Vickie Tkacz (pronounced Kach), 37, of 48 Jackson Cove Road, Oxford, says the black Labrador Retriever that was killed in the attacked last week leaned forward and growled when he heard or saw the Newfoundlands, the Rep-Am reports.

Crozier also says only two of the four Newfoundlands were involved in the attack and the other two were innocent yet were also taken from Tkacz, which Crozier says is unfair, according to the Rep-Am.

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martha November 02, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Bottom Line.....You put that many dogs together & they become a pack. It can happen with any breed of dog. Dogs were wild until they were domesticated. Caged dogs become unhappy. Living in the stench of a kennel is unhealthy. Children should Not be left with the responsibility of walking or caring for all of these dogs. They should have been walked by adults. Kiddy's Corner, I agree that oxfrod Resident & Likely newfie Owner are both Vicky. You can tell by the posts. She was greedy & selfish & irresponsible. She got off on the charges. I hope the family of Roxy takes her to the cleaners! They suffered a tragic loss. The poor kid had to not only watch his dog get torn apart, but then had to deal with his own injuries & rabies shots. He will be traumatized for the rest of his life remembering the incident. Those dogs have torn apart enough cats, people who knew them were afraid of a child coming next. I understand that the females were pregnant, or had pups. Even more reason to Not Have Children In Control.....If an Adult is getting dragged around, why would she send her children to get dragged around. Newfie Owner...I think Miss V is clearly the one who knows nothing or she never would have put her kids in that position. No need to insult Oxford residents for their concern. These dogs were on a beach with children. What if it had been a child attacked?
martha November 02, 2012 at 02:21 PM
People are concerned. I know people who were there who will never go back to that beach again because of the tragedy they watched & the trauma caused to their kids. This was clearly a case of someone having to many dogs, and behaving irresponsibly. I live on the same street & I can't tell you how many times those dogs were running loose in my yard. I was in fear of my own dogs & cats getting killed.
Craig Zac November 02, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Newfi owner, Just because a dog growls does not ALLWAYS mean a fight is going to happen... Plain and simple, these dogs were on the attack! They (or at least one) was obviously "Dog" aggressive, the other just fell in behind its Alpha and joined in the attack. I have two dogs and 9 out of 10 times when one growls at the other for what ever reason, it does not turn into a dog fight. In fact, the biggest reason for a growling dog to actually fight with another dog would be for "Alpha" status in a pack situation or to protect what is his / hers. To state that you worked at the ASPCA then come out with such a "Blanket" statement makes one wonder just what the ASPCA is really doing. The main reasons for one dog to Growl and bark at another: Status fear protecting its property warning to stay away. The scary thing, the thing that needs to really be addressed is that there was no warning from these Newfis that they were on the attack, well, not one humans who dont understand would have seen, they didnt growl, there was no warning it was just on.... Typical Canine aggression. Maybe the lab would have seen it coming and if she barked or growled, that would be why. Besides, According to eye witnesses and the video tape from the security cam, the Newfs just flat out attacked the lab. The lab supposedly didnt bark or growl them into a confrontation.. maybe she did when she saw them coming at her like Cujo, but that would be expected.
newfie owner November 03, 2012 at 03:27 AM
Bottom line the what if factor has to go. Newfies will not attack childen. And no I am not Vicki - I do own one of her dogs,however, as do twenty or so people I am in contact with on FB and net. Not one of us has ever had any aggression issues with our Newfies from Vicki- just the opposite. Yes Vicki's children should never have been walking pregnant dame off grounds and to make matters more detrimental three males.It was my understanding her children took dogs for walk without her conscent, however,that does not excuse this incident. But obviously martha you have your own agenda and vendetta for what ever reason.The fact remains that all the people I know that own Vicki's Newfies have never ever had any issues with their dogs attacking anyone-especially children. Infact my Newfie runs away from chipmunks that seem to enjoy chasing her around the yard. While my yard has 2 inch farm fench five feet high the neighbors cats have not been attacked or chased by my newfie-the cats did try to attack my newfie but she ran away-my spaniels on the other hand have chased off many of neighbors cats from my yard(thankfully the cats are faster)I trust my Newfie(from Vicki) implicitly with children -where as I must keep eye on my spaniels with children.My Newfie is very protective of all children she meets-often postioning herself in between children and other dogs. I can only pray that you get over your resentments and move on with your life- find another cause more worthy of your concern
Crazy Dog Lady December 01, 2012 at 09:33 PM
So, four large newfie dogs in public. Or, any breed of dogs for that matter. Knowing that they belong to a breeder, weren't they all un-neutered dogs? That was an accident waiting to happen wasn't it? A child could have been killed. Neuter your dogs, train them and stop breeding for profit.


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