Jackson's Cove Park Opened Today Following Dog Incident

Park reopened after dog is killed by four larger dogs.

, a local tourist destination and summer hangout for locals, is reopened following a dog-mauling incident two days ago.

Oxford Resident Trooper Sgt. Dan Semosky said the park has been open today, two days after four large Newfoundland dogs attacked a smaller Labrador Retriever, which later died at the vet.

Police are still investigating the incident, Semosky said. 

All four of the Newfoundlands have been accounted for and are under the control of the animal control office, he said. They were being walked by four teens and got loose when the incident happened; the 20-year-old owner of the Lab was bit on the hand trying to protect his dog, officials said.


Jim July 28, 2011 at 10:36 PM
So here is a question. I understand that there is a police officer sitting in his car in the parking lot. If this is correct then did he see any of this happening? While I realize that this attack only lasted a matter of a minute or two what is the point of an officer sitting in an air-conditioned car down there? Is the town paying for extra coverage at the cove or is this part of their regular patrol? If the town is paying for extra services shouldn't the officer be where the gate-keepers are and the life guards rather than in his air-conditioned vehicle?
Kenn Maher July 29, 2011 at 12:25 AM
My condolences to the person who lost his dog. I have two dogs and I would be devastated. Jim, I don't think the officer is parked there,it's on his route. Kenn Maher
Craig Zac July 29, 2011 at 02:07 AM
we were there one day last week in the 25 minutes or so we were there a cop drove through and an ambulance stopped in for a couple minutes....lol my guess is they were checking out the girl action but saw me and left... (thinking they didnt stand a chance with me there....lol)
Craig Zac July 29, 2011 at 02:11 AM
Kenn, I caught this story on the news tonight and they interviewed the guy who's dog got killed, I felt so bad for this poor kid... he is devastated, you can just tell it is really tearing him up...and the family of the 4 dogs wouldn't answer the door when the news woman rang the bell... now this poor kid has to go through the agony of rabies shots because they family wont come forward and say if the dogs in custody are in fact theirs... cant the police ask and if they deny it make the family produce their dogs? this kid loses his dog in a most horrible way and now has to go through the rabis shots and these supposed dog lovers sit back and don't say a word.. nice, some people are just plain evil to the core!
OxfordCitizen July 29, 2011 at 11:04 AM
How shallow & irresponsible of the owners to not step up and claim ownership of their animals. They are breeders of Newfoundlands (see link below).....albeit apparently not very reputable ones.....I'm sure they're busy lawyering up as we speak... http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/Lakeside.Newfoundlands.203-888-0658
Bonnie July 29, 2011 at 01:19 PM
This story is awful! We go to the cove all the time to launch our boat, as an Oxford resident with 2 girls and 2 dogs one of which is a lab, I see MANY dog owners whom shouldn't be. Dogs are a part of the family, numerous people tie their dogs to a tree or have them caged in their back yard. You should have to take classes and tests to own dogs especially if you've got 4 large dogs that will attack another dog and person. Shame on this family for not owning up to their responsibilty, I'm sure they'd be all over another family if one of their dogs were attacked. If they are in fact breeders, the ASPCA should be notified and they should be banned from owning any pets from today on. I'm so sorry to the lab owner, we know how much we love our dogs. It's so sad that he had to watch these other dogs attack his. To the owners of these 4 dogs.... Get responsible, own up and face what your dogs have done! Give some of the money that you've made by breeding and buy this poor broken hearted dog owner a new lab! It won't be the same as his dog that your dogs killed but it's a start!
Fed Up In Oxford July 29, 2011 at 11:16 PM
It needs to be noted that this tragedy could have prevented had the Oxford Police Department done their job a month ago. It was during this time that an officer and the dog warden arrived at the door of the owner of these dogs with a summons due to her repeated failures to watch her dogs and keep them leashed. These dogs were noted then to be a danger to anyone in the vicinity of Jackson's Cove. However, the owner responded with obscenities, threw the summons in their face, and continued on to slam the door on them. What was done in reaction to her behavior? Absolutely nothing until the day a poor kid loses his dog in the most terrible way. Had this incident involved a child Sgt. Dan Semosky would be riding his John Deere tractor full time instead of a police car.
Sarah Sunshine August 01, 2011 at 04:15 AM
It's sad that these large dogs were being walked on LEASHES like they are supposed to, let there is little information on whether the lab was leashed. Dogs are wild animals and some are very protective. I have never seen a dog attack another dog unless provoked. Newfs are known to protect children:check out these two articles article, http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/10-best-family-dog-breeds1.htm AND http://animal.discovery.com/breedselector/dogprofile.do?id=2470 -notice the temperament, "Ne... is calm, patient, easygoing, gentle and amiable—a friend to all. If its family is threatened, however, the Ne.... can act protectively."If these dogs felt threatened in any way, nothing was going to stop them. If I heard correctly, they did not go after the labs throat, interesting as that is the usually place dogs, wolves, etc. go to kill. I(and you too)should not blame ANY of the dogs. The owners are a different story. I feel for the man who lost his dog, just as I feel for the breeders who might lose theirs. There isn't evidence to show that any of the dogs were treated badly by either owners. However, it is disappointing that the Newf owners aren't giving information about vaccines. While one man lost a dog, this family could possibly lose all their dogs, just for walking them on leashes.(Experience:owner of three dogs currently(each over 60lb+)volunteer at local dog park, friend with dog owners of all sizes, watched, in horror, as a child got bit on the face by a 50lb+ dog)
Craig Zac August 01, 2011 at 02:47 PM
Hi Sarah, the sad fact is that even though they were on leashes, the kids walking them could not controll them, Plus there has been trouble with thes Newfs going after other dogs on the street as well as at the park, the owners of such lage, hard to control dogs should at least had the common sense to muzzle them. Its easy to blame the owner of the newfis because sooo much could have been done to prevent this. And I take it you didnt see the pics of the Labs wounds when they were up, she had the back of her neck torn almost off, it was a 10" wound that went down her back and then there was a huge chunk of muscle that was torn out and numerous bites.the poor thing didnt stand a chance.Just because they didnt go after the labs throat doesnt meen the attack wasnt vicious (they still killed the lab!) And no matter the breed, Newfies, collies, terriers, chiuahuas and even tine litte lap dogs can be mean and dog aggressive.Now maybe the breeder didnt treat the Newfis badly or poorly, she did treat their conditions poorly, and that condition was dog aggressivness. Shed been warned a few times and had the cops and anima;l controll at her place a few times, she was even activly trying to get rid of the dog, now tell me, does that sound like a sweet, gentile dog to you? Experience: Life long dog owner Volunteer at an animal shelter for over a year Dog handler / Training class coordinator Animal shelter Board of Directors member.


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