Officials Seize Several Animals They Say Were Neglected

Forty one animals of various varieties were taken from a home in Oxford.


Officials have seized several animals from an Oxford woman who is accused of neglecting a variety of creatures, including dogs, cats, chickens, horses and other animals.

On Tuesday, officials executed a search and seizure warrant for animals and livestock owned by Karen Desrosiers at 48 Condon Road. The investigation began on Feb. 20 after Oxford Animal Control received a complaint of a roaming animal near Desrosiers' house. Oxford Animal Control officials said they discovered malnourished horses, livestock, companion animals and poultry.

Officials ended up seizing four dogs, a cat, 18 chickens, six turkeys, six guinea fowl, a goat, a pig, a donkey, a horse, and two miniature horses.

The search and seizure warrant alleges that the animals lacked basic and necessary veterinary care, proper feed and water.

"Conditions observed that led to the action include horses and a donkey with badly overgrown hooves, skin conditions and no water available. No hay and very little animal feed were seen on the property. One horse appeared to have wounds and injuries of unknown origin," according to a news release from the Department of Agriculture.

The four dogs and one cat taken in the seizure will be kept at local municipal animal shelters. The horses, livestock, and poultry are being transported to the Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s large animal rescue facility at Gates Correctional Institution in Niantic. All of the animals will be evaluated by a veterinarian. 

At this time, none of the animals are available for adoption as this is an ongoing investigation into possible criminal animal neglect, the press release states. At this point, Desrosiers has not been charged criminally. 

“Neglect and abuse of animals are actions we do not tolerate at the Department of Agriculture,” Commissioner Steven K. Reviczky said. “It is essential that these animals receive adequate food, water, and care while we investigate the circumstances that led to these conditions, and take the necessary steps to ensure they do not occur again.

The search and seizure was conducted by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Oxford Animal Control, the Oxford Resident Trooper's Office and animal control officers from surrounding towns.

How to Help

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture has a fund to help defray the cost of caring for animals taken during animal cruelty search and seizures. Donations can be made by check (payable to the “Animal Abuse Cost Recovery Account”) to the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106. In addition to donations, the fund also takes in court-awarded monies and dedicates these monies to the feeding and care of seized animals. 


Sheri DeAngelis February 27, 2013 at 03:43 PM
I will gladly take the horse and give him/her a home... Will get plenty of TLC here!
Jan February 27, 2013 at 09:52 PM
I can't believe people can be so heartless.Why have animals if all you can do is mistreat them.Someone like you should go without food and water.
Alison Mark March 02, 2013 at 07:23 PM
What would possess someone to have these animals yet not care enough to provide basic necessities for them? The woman must be mentally disturbed.
Larissa Watt March 03, 2013 at 03:36 PM
Even though it's sad I can understand people falling behind --getting in over their heads and unable to afford all vet care but to deprive the animals of water?:-/ Water is free!
Mike March 03, 2013 at 06:17 PM
You can't always believe it when an animal control officer says animals are abused or neglected. Just look at what happened in Stratford, when the Animal Control Officer looted an old woman's house of over thirty five thousand dollars worth of antiques, and hauled them away in the Animal Control van. They said she had fifty two cats, and tried to prove it by traping all the neighborhood cats, and saying they were all hers. A lot of people's cats went missing. The old lady had four cats, and they were all properly cared for. Now there are three court cases pending over it.


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