Three Injured in Early Morning Accident on Oxford Road

The accident occurred just before 1 a.m. Sunday.

Three people were injured in a head-on crash just before 1 Sunday morning on Oxford Road, or 67, according to a state police news release.

A Honda Civic driven by a Beacon Falls teenager crossed the center line and collided with a Chevrolet Camaro driven by a 56-year-old Waterbury man, the report states.

Christopher Muggeo, 17, of 87 Feldspar Ave., Beacon Falls, was driving the Civic southbound - toward the center of town - near Old State Road No. 1 when his car crossed the center line into the northbound lane of Route 67, the report states.

Paul Slekis, of 711 Watertown Ave., Waterbury, was traveling northbound - toward Southbury - and tried to swerve left to avoid the collision after he saw the Civic driving straight at him; Muggeo tried to swerve right to avoid the crash, the report states. Instead, they collided head on, both airbags deployed and three people sustained incapacitating injuries, according to the report.

Slekis was taken by Oxford Ambulance to Waterbury Hospital where he was listed in stable condition as of Sunday night, according to a hospital spokesman. Muggeo was also taken by Oxford Ambulance to Waterbury Hospital, where he was treated and released, a hospital spokesman said.

Muggeo had no passengers in his car. Slekis had one passenger in the car he was driving, 18-year-old David Lucisano of 193 Spring St., Apt. 2, Naugatuck. He was extricated from the car by Oxford firefighters and taken by Seymour Ambulance to Yale-New Haven Hospital, the report states.

Lucisano’s condition could not immediately be verified Sunday night.

Both cars sustained heavy damage and were towed from the scene by Quality Auto of Oxford.

The accident remains under investigation.

Bonnie September 26, 2011 at 06:22 PM
At 17 yrs old this kid shouldn't be out at 1am, where are the parents of this 17yr old? If he had been home where he should have been this accident wouldn't have happened. He only has a year of driving (if that much) experience, anyone that age should be home not out driving with friends in there car. What is there to do at 1am? Why is this kid driving on the wrong side of the road? Perhaps he was falling asleep, had a few beers, or perhaps he was just inexperienced at driving!!! We need to do something in this state to stop these kids from being out driving all hours of the night. Maybe the parents of kids that are under 18 yrs old should be held responsible, as a parent my child wouldn't be out driving. The passenger could've been killed! Wake up parents, keep your kids home where you know they're safe and so is everyone else!!!
CMG September 27, 2011 at 01:07 PM
I totally agree with you Bonnie. State law itself says he cannot drive after 11. I wonder why he wasn't ticketed for that alone right off the bat? Was he given a breathalizer test? My 18 year old (almost 19) doesn't come home at 1am. Parents need to imply more rules on their kids. It's for their own safety. And Bonnie that's exactly what I tell my son, what is there to do at that hour? Even if you are hanging out at a friend's house, you get tired and still have to drive home. It's not worth risking your life or someone elses.
Jennifer September 27, 2011 at 05:20 PM
Just wanted to point to you Paul that your story has some discrepancies. As one of only 2 motorists who happened on the scene shorty after it occurred and well before first responders arrived, the 2 teenaged boys were riding together, the gentleman in the Camero was the single rider. I find it hard to believe that Paul was taken to hospital and admitted and Christopher seen and released. I believe it is the other way around. Paul was out of his vehicle, walking, talking and appeared to have minimal if any injuries. Christopher on the other hand did suffer injuries, and even more so his passenger buddy who was unconscious when I arrived and had to be estranged from the vehicle. I spent a lot of time with Christopher after help came and I could leave his friends side. As a mother, my heart ached for him. He was one frightened, and extremely lucky boy. I didn't ask the boys how the accident happened, if speed was involved, distraction, alcohol, etc. But I did ask about seatbelts. Christopher, when I arrived, had been able to exit his smashed vehicle, even with his injuries, he was the driver and he had on his seatbelt. His buddy on the other hand, whom I found unconscious in a crumpled heap on the passenger side floor, did not wear his seatbelt. Parents, the message I want to get across is seatbelts save lives. Drill that into young drivers heads, and more importantly- lead by example.


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