[Video] Vet Breaks Silence About Condition of Dog From Derby Shelter

Dr. T.C. Nananvati speaks to Channel 8.

An Ansonia veterinarian who treated a pit bull brought to his office by Oxford's Assistant Animal Control Officer Cori Wlasuk from the Derby dog pound has finally spoken to the media about what he witnessed.

Nanavati spoke about the condition of the pit bull in an interview with journalist Tina Detelj of WTNH News 8, which used Oxford Patch photos that showed the skinny and bruised dog. 

Last week, Oxford Patch wrote three articles on this situation, the last two of which were reported in conjunction with the Valley Independent Sentinel.

Click the links below to read the archive articles about this situation on Oxford Patch:   

Craig Zac April 26, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Good Job Cori and Dr. Nananvati!! also im glad to hear that nut is gone and away from those poor animals. watch how many LESS animals are put down in Derby now!! Cori, let me know if you guys need anything like Photos taken or anything... or contact me through christine (help willys friends)


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