Candidate Bios: George Temple, First Selectman Candidate

See what Temple has to say.

Name: George Temple

Age: 65

Address: 2 Jensen Farm Road

Party: Republican

Education: Bachelor’s degree, political science, University of Rhode Island; juris doctorate, Syracuse University

Occupation: Lawyer, George R. Temple, Esq., Shelton; served seven years in the U.S. Navy, machinist mate first class

Experience: Current Oxford Library Board member, former Seymour Board of Finance chairman, former Seymour Board of Education member and former Seymour Board of Police Commissioners member

Family: Wife, Cathy; two sons, Andy, 15; and Ben, 37

Contact: (203) 888-4337 (home), templelaw@sbcglobal.net, Read more at his website, www.georgetemple.com

Position Sought: First Selectman

Describe why you are running in 300 words or less:

When I decided to run, several of my friends were at my house for a spring party. We got into a discussion about the town and particularly the tax collector embezzlement.   I said that we are handling this wrong and gave several other opinions from condition of the roads to attracting business to the town.  My 15-year-old son Andy said that I should run.  My friend Jeff Haney said that that was a good idea and if I ran, he would run also.(at the time I didn't know Jeff was a registered Democrat)  It was a put up or shut up moment.  Jeff and I rose to the challenge and here we are.

At the time that I committed, I didn't even know what a blog was no less the carnivorous nature of some of the bloggers.  I get energy from knocking on doors and talking to the people.  Oxford Together is a concept that they readily embrace.

I have a lot to offer.  I have the experience and maturity to do the job.  I have met with movers and shakers to bring new businesses to Oxford.  I was the guy that First Selectmen turned to when they needed advice. I see the Economic development of Oxford as a challenge    that I am up to and a task that I would enjoy. 


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