Rosa Delauro "Office Hours"

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 157 Quinn St Naugatuck CT 06770  See map

Come meet and speak with Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro at Quinn St Grocery store

Christopher Schaefer July 14, 2012 at 11:58 AM
And while you’re there you can ask her how she has the gall to rant about cuts to SNAP [food stamps] and otherwise theorize about solving our hunger, poverty and jobs issues while she sits in her $1 Million home in New Haven (well, when she isn’t eating gourmet meals from Schneider’s & Federal City Caterers http://www.iwatchnews.org/2010/10/05/2460/political-inaction-committees-how-political-action-committees-are-spending-your ). Now let’s hear from someone who has been through the public housing and welfare mills—and who sees the destruction this is having on minority communities: Star Parker (who refers to our current welfare system as “Uncle Sam’s Plantation”: http://www.urbancure.org/lifeofblackjulia/ ) Seniors on Medicare Advantage? Ask her why Medicare Advantage gets gutted by ObamaCare—after the election. She also didn’t tell you that fewer people are now expected to obtain health insurance coverage from their employer or in insurance exchanges; more are now expected to obtain coverage from Medicaid. Which few doctors accept.
Christopher Schaefer July 14, 2012 at 01:37 PM
And also ask, (while she continually comes up with new programs on which to spend your tax dollars), how DeLauro plans to cut the Federal debt--now totaling over $150,000 PER TAXPAYER. This is a debt that's stalling the economy--and that is burying you, your kids, your grandkids!


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