Exit Polls: Women Helped Obama, Murphy Win in CT

Both easily won the state, but with a big help from female voters.

Exit polling in Connecticut shows there's a gender gap in this state that works well for Democrats. The polling by the Associated Press also shows that while voters preferred Democrat Chris Murphy over Republican Linda McMahon, most didn't care for either of the candidate's ethics.

Here's a rundown of some of the other Connecticut exit polling conclusions:

  • Being a woman wasn't a huge help for Linda McMahon. She couldn't convince enough female voters who lean Democratic to cross the political aisle and vote for her.
  • Six out of 10 Connecticut women prefer Obama. The president's easy win in our blue state can be credited, in a large part, to women.
  • More Catholics voted for McMahon, more Protestants and other Christians backed Murphy. But those of little or no faith supported him 75 percent more than McMahon.
  • Most voters said they weren't all that concerned about McMahon's former role with World Wrestling Entertainment (she served as its CEO), though Democrats sought to make it a campaign issue.
  • Independents in Connecticut make up a third of the electorate, and they were fairly evenly split between Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. Fewer of them voted for Obama this year, however, than they did in 2008.
Lucia November 10, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Presidential elections results Year Republican Democratic 2008 38.77% 620,210 61.23% 979,316 2004 43.95% 693,826 54.31% 857,488 2000 38.44% 561,094 55.91% 816,015 1996 34.69% 483,109 52.83% 735,740 1992 35.78% 578,313 42.21% 682,318
Lucia November 10, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Currently, Connecticut leans strongly towards the Democratic Party. However, Connecticut has a high percentage of voters who are not registered with a major party. As of 2004, 33.7% of registered voters were registered Democratic, 22.0% were registered Republican, and 44.0% were unaffiliated with any party, with 0.2% registered with a minor party.
Lucia November 10, 2012 at 04:01 AM
Kelley, you've got to do better than call people names just because their politics do not agree with yours. I realize you are probably passionate about your beliefs, but others are entitled to their own even though they might not be in agreement with yours, and calling names only makes you look like a fool with no intelligent reply.
Concerned Brookfield Citizen November 10, 2012 at 12:51 PM
All good data, yet you do not explain how the absolute nature of your conclusion "in CT if they're a dem they're elected" supports our recent history of the governor's seat?
H. Ferguson November 15, 2012 at 02:09 PM
I do hope women did not believe the lies told by the Obama and Murphy campaigns that Republicans would take away their right to birth control and abortions. Are women ignorant of the facts that both issues are established law, upheld by the Supreme Court and beyond being tampered with by either party? These were emotional issues designed only to trigger an emotional response from women. Sadly, I believe, many women were scammed. The issue in question was religious beliefs of Roman Catholics and making Catholic institutions provide birth control and abortion in their hospitals and more generally, why all of us taxpayers should provide "free" contraception and abortions to any woman who wants it. Nothing is "free" in this country of federal and state government handouts. There are taxpayers paying for all this "free stuff" and the well is running dry.


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