D-SNAP Investigation Continues: Additional 10 Employees' Names Forwarded

Additional names of state employees were forwarded to state agencies, bringing the total number of possible fraud cases to 34.


As a part of the , Gov. Dannel P. Malloy stated that the Connecticut Department of Social Services and the Office of Labor Relations forwarded the names of an additional 10 state employees to various agency heads to commence their administrative reviews, bringing the total number of cases of possible fraud up to 34.

"While I’m dismayed that the number of cases of possible fraud continues to climb, I am in no way deterred from moving forward with this investigation as quickly and thoroughly as possible," said Malloy. "The residents of Connecticut deserve to know that of taxpayer dollars, a point that should carry even greater weight when we’re talking about state employees."

Malloy announced the investigation into federal disaster aid program on December 4. was made available to low-income Connecticut residents who incurred disaster-related expenses from Tropical Storm Irene, including loss of income, temporary shelter costs and property repairs.


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