Lawmakers Applaud Section of Malloy's Jobs Bill That Helps Oxford Airport

The jobs creation bill will help the Waterbury-Oxford Airport.

Press Release

State Senator Rob Kane, R-32, and area state representatives today applauded the inclusion of language into the bipartisan Jobs Bill which will allow the Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA) to establish new airport development zones.

“This language sets the table for the creation of the Oxford Airport development zone, and that's good news for small business growth in Oxford, Southbury and Middlebury," Kane said. "What we are doing is enabling Oxford Airport to take flight.  Our persistence is paying off, and this marks a new, promising beginning for the airport. The sky’s the limit for this area."

State Rep. Arthur O'Neill, R-Southbury, said the bill’s passage lays the groundwork for future growth.

“Today’s bipartisan action shows we are serious about helping small businesses thrive inConnecticut," O'Neill said.  "It sends the right message, it shows that government is listening, and it marks a victory for our towns."

State Rep. David Labriola (R- Oxford, Naugatuck, Southbury) said that an Oxford Airport development zone will spur the area economy.

"When we take job creating steps like this, we move our region and our state in the right direction," he said. "This zone is exactly the type of economic growth initiative that we need in our community."

State Rep. Tony D'Amelio, R-Waterbury, whose district covers Middlebury too, said Oxford Airport's potential will be tapped by the creation of the zone.  "With the struggling economy, this new airport zone will give a much needed boost to hurting area businesses.  Everyone benefits from the creation of this development zone."

xxxoxox October 27, 2011 at 10:20 AM
Good work Rep. Kane and Sen. Labriola! It's nice to see that Gov. Malloy was serious when he said he was not opposed to this idea. Now, if we could just re-adjust the flight path so that some of this new growth doesn't fall on my house. I'll start writing the bill now.
Rich Gee October 27, 2011 at 11:36 AM
Now that we're all finished patting ourselves on the back gentlemen, how will this 'development' affect the amount of air traffic flying over our homes? Dear Oxford, Southbury & Middlebury - It's only going to GET WORSE. I'm all for building business, expanding connections and bringing more money into our area - but not at the sacrifice of our community. There's a reason why we don't look like Milford or even Monroe with all of their strip malls and over-commercialization - we plan it that way. We need to keep our eyes closely focused on EVERYTHING planned for the airport. Because it will really become an AIRPORT. More and more planes are being parked at Oxford airport because it's cheaper to fly them there instead of paying the exorbitant fees at other airports. I will say it again - it's just going to GET WORSE. More takeoffs. More landings. Bigger planes. And good luck selling your house when planes are flying minute after minute over our homes. P.S. And don't tell me they can't enlarge the airport. I've been in business for 30 years — when big business and government see a pot of gold — ANYTHING can happen.
joe_m October 27, 2011 at 03:52 PM
This state is so anti-business it really does not matter. Until the state gets spending under control and reduces (eliminates) property tax and income taxes and sales taxes nothing will help long term. Why move here when for less money my employees can have a higher standard of living somewhere else.


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