Oxford Election Day 2012: Everything You Need to Know

From your polling place to results and reactions for all local, state and national races, we've got you covered on Election Day.

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Good morning, and welcome to Election Day 2012!

Today, Oxford residents go to the polls to choose a president, a U.S. Senator, a U.S. Representative from the 4th Congressional District, a state representative for the 131st District and a state Senator in the 32nd District.

See below for information on where to cast your ballot and the list of candidates. We've also included how Oxford voted in 2008, the year of the last presidential election, and 2010, the last mid-term election.

Read it over, then visit your local polling station between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. to make your voice heard! And be sure to check back with Patch for updates throughout the day, including the announcement of the winners as soon as votes are tallied tonight.

State and National Races

U.S. Senate

Chris Murphy (D) and Linda McMahon (R) are vying for the seat vacated by Joe Lieberman. Paul Passarelli is running as an Libertarian candidate. Click on "U.S. Senate" for updates, results and reactions.

Fourth Congressional District

Steve Obsitnik (R) hopes to unseat incumbent Jim Himes (D). Click on "Fourth Congressional District" for updates, results and reactions.

131st District

David K. Labriola (R) is running unopposed in this district that includes the towns of Oxford, Naugatuck and Southbury. Click on "131st District" for updates, results and reactions.

32nd Senate District

Incumbent Rob Kane (R) is fending off a challenge from James C. Gambardella (D). Click on "32nd Senate District" for updates, results and reactions.

Still Not Sure Who You're Voting For?

Check out our Election Guide to see coverage of candidate debates, updates from the campaign trail, opeds, letters and more.

I Voted! Oxford Photos of Democracy in Action

If you're proud to have exercised your right as an American citizen by voting today, then let's celebrate that by starting a community photo gallery!

Live Blog and Election Results

Join your neighbors in a discussion about the election, candidates and the results. (click on the subhead above to access the article)

Oxford's Polling Place

Polls open at 6 a.m. and will votes may be cast up until 8 p.m. To cast your vote, head over to Quaker Farms School, 30 Great Oak Road, Oxford.

How Oxford Voted in 2008 (81.98% Turnout)

(D=Democrat; R=Republican; G=Green; I=Independent; WF=Working Families; CL=Connecticut for Lieberman; WI=Write In; L=Libertarian)


  • Obama-Biden (D) — 2,957 votes
  • McCain-Palin (R) — 3,826 votes
  • Nader and Gonzalez — 87 votes
  • Baldwin-Castle (WI)— 2 votes
  • McKinney and Clemente (WI) — 1 vote


  • Christopher Shays (R) — 3,336 votes
  • Jim Himes (D) — 2,653 votes
  • Richard Z. Duffee (G) — 43 votes
  • Jim Himes (WF) — 302 votes
  • Michael Anthony Carrano (L) — 71 votes


  • Robert J. Kane (R) — 3,487 votes
  • John McCarthy (D) — 2,416 votes
  • John McCarthy (WF) — 222 votes


  • David K. Labriola (R) — 4,558 votes

How Oxford Voted in 2010 (61.54% Turnout)

(D=Democrat; R=Republican; G=Green; I=Independent; WF=Working Families; CL=Connecticut for Lieberman; SA=Socialist Action)


  • Richard Blumenthal (D) — 1,959 votes
  • Linda McMahon (R) — 3,001 votes
  • Richard Blumenthal (WF) — 96 votes
  • Warren Mosler (I) — 47 votes
  • John Mertens (CL) — 15 votes


  • Dan Debicella (R) — 2,956 votes
  • Jim Himes (D) — 1,925 votes
  • Jim Himes (WF) — 112 votes


  • Robert J. Kane (R) — 3,651 votes


  • David K. Labriola (R) — 3,723 votes
John M. Joy November 06, 2012 at 12:11 PM
Your coverage is incomplete. Paul Passarelli is also a candidate on the ballot for US Senate.
Paul Singley November 06, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Thanks, John. This was an oversight and not done intentionally. We have fixed it.


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