Oxford Grand List Up Slightly

See information about the Grand List, plus a list of the top 10 taxpayers in Oxford, attached to this article.


Oxford's Grand List of all taxable property in town is up .384 percent, or $5.38 million over last year. If the mill rate stayed the same - at 24.1 mills - the additional value of the Grand List would net the town an additional $129,866 in revenue. 

In theory, that would mean that the overall town and school budget could go up by $129,866 and taxpayers would not see a tax increase.

First Selectman George Temple said the Grand List is good news for the town.

"We are seeing an increase in a Grand List while many other towns are seeing a decrease in (theirs)," he said.

See the attached PDF for information on the list, plus a list of the top 10 taxpayers in town.

Stephen C. Brown February 06, 2013 at 01:25 PM
Unfunded state mandates related to student testing, teacher evaluation and implimentation of Common Core standards make no change unlikely at least as far as the education budget is concerned. While not budget-busting, complying with these state/federal changes adds to the contractual increases we see every year.
Richard Burke February 06, 2013 at 05:43 PM
In the end, $s to pay for STATE MANDATES, whether unfunded or funded, all come from the same pocket ... ours. How wonderful it is that our elected state leaders believe it's in our collective best interest to impose these rulings upon us. For anyone who believes this, please call me concerning some ocean front property in Oxford. Per my old eyes ... to a large degree, these STATE MANDATES are driven by union lobbyist and special interest groups. ... and so goes the continuous assault to our American freedom. Call me grumpy.
Stephen C. Brown February 06, 2013 at 07:48 PM
I dont disagree about whose pocket it comes out of but the unfunded ones put a larger burden on towns who bear the full expense of compliance. With funding, that burden is spread out a little. Much of this is "reform" and the costs more focused on material vs. human resources. State testing will now be conducted via computer vs. the old paper route. Thus, many school districts are forced to equip with enough computer capacity to complete the testing. Commpn Core standards are a major revamping of our educational approach and what our testing will be based on. Again, districts across the country and state are compelled to overhaul whole cirriculum -including textbooks and associated teaching materials that are consistent with this focus. While the intent of much of this is good from my reading, the cost to towns and taxpayers has not been considered.
Richard Burke February 07, 2013 at 05:38 PM
Defending education related state mandates sounds splendid, however this taxpayer feels our state and fed govt's, which cannot currently afford their own self-created budgets ... have far surpassed our local needs with their ever-increasing rules and regs; needlessly eroding our household budgets and retirement savings. In this case, education related unfunded mandates impact every municipality, and thus … makes no difference whether the expense of it all is paid directly by each muni, or taxed by the state, and redistributed back. In this case, since the state forces it upon us in an UNFUNDED manner, it may be best for small towns … meaning they won’t further subsidize the cities. With the State's endless pursuit of someone's perception of excellence, we seem to become further broken ... and further broke.
Richard Burke February 07, 2013 at 05:39 PM
I often wonder how our parent's generation, taught in schools which lacked such a high degree of rules & regs (aka S&F mandates), managed to obtain the level of education, which lead to this country’s greatest technological advances, placing a man on the moon, and inventing the computers the above claims necessary to monitor the upcoming wave of education improvements. Maybe learning from the past and getting back to basics would be better for our children’s and country’s best interest, and much less financially wasteful. Over the past 2 decades, as the S&F govt’s reached their expensive and controlling arms into our classrooms, the quality of our education systems has been degraded. How about a new, but old-fashioned approach? Bring back local control, and let teacher’s teach.


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