Oxford Tax Collector Leaving for Seymour

Cayenne Spremullo will be assistant tax collector in neighboring town.

Oxford Tax Collector is leaving her position after just six months to take a job as the assistant tax collector in neighboring Seymour.

Spremullo, a 30-year-old elected official, was hired by the Seymour Board of Selectmen Wednesday night. She begins her new job there on July 1.

Spremullo said that due to changes in her personal life, she will no longer be living in Oxford; elected officials must live in town, per the Charter.

"I wouldn't want to ask anyone to make an exception for me; I couldn't do that in good faith," she said.

Spremullo was the first elected tax collector in Oxford after the downfall of , who held the position for 24 years and was arrested in November for stealing hundreds of thousands from the tax office. She is awaiting trial at Milford Superior Court.

When Spremullo was elected as a Republican in November, , including a new computer system that ensures a tax collector could not steal money.

Still, Spremullo said there were so many problems left behind by Guillet that it made it difficult to do the job.

"I had the opportunity to get back to the job I love and I took the opportunity," she said. "But I definitely feel good about what's been accomplished in six months in terms of where this office was and where it is moving forward."

Spremullo said that before she leaves she is going to make sure everything is set for a new tax collector to have a smooth transition.

The Board of Selectmen will fill the vacancy until the next regular election in November 2013, said Town Clerk Margaret West. She said she had not yet received Spremullo's resignation letter as of this morning but is expecting it soon.

Until the board hires someone, assistant tax collector Sharon Scinto will run the office.

Neither Oxford First Selectman George Temple, nor Seymour First Selectman Kurt Miller were immediately available for comment Thursday.

Dave June 23, 2012 at 12:39 PM
So she will be replaced with a Republican or unaffiliated as she is caucused as a Republican and ran on our endorsed slate.
Get Real June 24, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Thank you Brett, Janis and Ed Rowland for your knowledgeable posts. They are the ones that need to be read on this issue. It is correct to say that Mrs. Guillet's replacement did not have to be fully certified as that is what the job description states. Ability to deal with the public, understanding the statutes and following job procedures are as important as certification. Mrs. Orner did an excellent job considering what she walked into under very difficult circumstances. Everyone should also remember the positive changes she instituted before Caynenne ever stepped foot in that office. Neither of those individuals should be criticized for trying to help the taxpayers of Oxford and for trying to restore honesty to the position.
Janis Hardy June 28, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Dad, in response to your comment: "The GOP got the vote out two years ago to "Vote NO" to the Charter Committee's recommendation to make it a HIRED position. The GOP is partly to fault here because if it was a hired position, it could be filled with a qualified person immediately instead of appointing someone who is unqualified and hoping they are qualified by the 2013 election (see Dave's comment above)." If the charter revision had been approved, Sharon could have been HIRED as the tax collector in January, 2011. If the revision had passed, Cheyenne woudn't have had to quit because she is/has moved. Now we have lost our opportunity to keep two qualified, certified individuals who likely would have kept the position of tax collector had it not been for the residency requirement. Even though much has been done by the committee, by Jackie, by Sharon and by Cheyenne to clean up the mess left by Karen, I think the job will be daunting for someone to take on who has no prior experience as a tax collector. I am hoping it will not be a tough position to fill.... I am also hoping that the taxpayers of Oxford, who are still rightfully angry over this whole mess, will not take their frustrations out on the person appointed to fill the position......
Oxford Resident June 28, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Whoever Mr. Temple appoints, it needs to be someone who has experience and not someone who is getting the job simply because that person is his friend! We do not need another "Shoe Salesman" in the Tax Office, we need someone who is knowledgeable with the collecting of taxes. A Certified Tax Collector, in Cheyenne, couldn't handle the rigors of the job, so what do you think someone who has no experience will do? This appointment will go a long way in the our eyes about how Mr. Temple views the residents of Oxford's needs. If he appoints someone without ANY Tax Collecting experience, given the situation we are currently in, it shows you he does not care about the residents, he simply cares about taking care of his "friends". Let's see who he appoints - 16, 10.
Oxford Resident June 28, 2012 at 08:24 PM
NEW Oxford Tax Collector to be named - Paula Jensen (16, 10).


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