Road Improvements Ongoing in Oxford, Officials Say on Town's Website

Town takes a look at road repair projects that have been completed since 2008.

The town of Oxford has posted the following information on its website about road repairs. Officials have also posted a PDF that is attached here detailing the road improvement projects that have been completed and those that are in need of repairs. 

All of the information below comes from the town's website:

Road improvements continue in Oxford despite the downturn in the national economy. Of the 120 miles of roads in Oxford, some are in need of repair, and others require new safety features such as traffic lights, stop signs, turning dirt roads into paved ones and implementing new drainage systems for water flow issues. Dangerous curves, narrow roads, shoulder ditches, new warning signs and road patching also continue at the same rate as the budget year 2008, at no extra cost to tax payers...

Other Road Improvement News

• Accident-reduction grant received to allow the town to remove dangerous curve on Governor’s Hill Road outside of Old Church Road. Spring: 2011

• ARRA funds used to reclaim and repave Christian Street between Airport Access Road and Robinson Lane – 2010/2011

• Town of Oxford applied for State (STEAP) funds to begin reclamation, drainage and paving on portions of Great Hill Road.

• Connecticut DOT will use STP funds to reconstruct a segment of Christian Street between Jacks Hill Road and Robinson Lane. The $2.0 million project will improve the contours and widen the Christian Street roadway to meet industrial standards. Construction is expected to be completed by year-end 2012.

• Oxford continues to pursue federal, regional and Connecticut-State grants and funds to assist in improving our local road conditions.

Please see linked PDF with a listing of Road Improvements since 2008.


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