Selectmen Debate Decision to Release Tax List

Temple defends action, McKane lambastes him for decision.

Town officials have differing opinions over whether a list of possible delinquent taxpayers should have been released to the public this week.

At Wednesday’s Board of Selectman meeting at Town Hall, First Selectman George Temple defended his decision to release the list, which shows more than $10 million is owed by about 2,000 people. But officials admit the list is inaccurate - just how inaccurate they don't know yet - because of poor, and possibly illegal, accounting practices in the tax office during the tenure of a former tax collector accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands from her office.

“This list has existed for a long time,” Temple said, adding that nobody elected him to be a coward. “It’s not my list, it’s not (current tax collector) Cayenne Spremullo’s list. People are upset, but in reality, I think we actually helped those people because they are on a list they didn’t even know about. …This was an unusual step, but it had to be taken.”

The now infamous list has caused quite a stir since it was released to the press on Tuesday. People have flocked to Town Hall asking why their names were released even though they have proof they paid their taxes. They believe the list should have been vetted to take off names of people who don’t actually owe before it was made public.

Temple, a Republican, apologized if he offended anyone and later said - “if I made a mistake, I made a mistake, but this is the first time I’ve had to deal with a $10.2 million deficit." He vowed that names which do not belong on the list will be removed, and said he will publicly vindicate those people.

However, that’s not good enough in the eyes of Selectman Dave McKane, the lone Democrat on the three-member Board of Selectman. He says there was a better way to go about trying to recoup money owed to the town.

“If I were a taxpayer who had paid taxes and yet my name showed up on this list, I’d be pretty irate,” he said. “I don’t think it should have gone public.”

He believes that once everyone who paid their fair share has their accounts credited, the list will show “closer to $2 million” in delinquencies. The list dates back to 1997 because 15 years is how long the statute of limitations allows municipalities to collect.

He said the previous administration – headed by Democrat Mary Ann Drayton-Rogers, who was first selectman with McKane as her running mate – was able to recoup tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes without embarrassing people unfairly.

He also claimed state TV news stations and local news outlets that are now covering this story will not publish a list of taxpayers who have proven their names were on the list inadvertently. (Editor’s Note: Oxford Patch has vowed to publish this list in an attempt to vindicate people, and we will stick to our word.)

Temple responded to McKane’s claim that the real list of delinquencies is closer to $2 million.

“With all due respect, I don’t think you have a clue and neither do I,” Temple said. “And that’s why we’re going to figure it out.”

And, Temple said, he owes it to taxpayers to give them "a fair and honest representation of what the tax rolls really are" and to make every effort to collect taxes. Town officials say former Tax Collector Karen Guillet, the woman accused of stealing more than $670,000* from the town, did not try too hard to collect back taxes during her 21-year tenure. For example, she didn’t send out delinquency notices to people, a basic step taken by tax offices to collect back taxes.

Only one person, resident James Hansen, spoke about the tax list at the meeting. He said he feels for people whose names were placed on the delinquency list unfairly and that he, too, believes the town should have tried to reach people on the list to find out if they actually owed money before releasing their names.

“Maybe something can be done for people who have wrongly been put on that list. Maybe they can get some kind of tax abatement,” he said, adding that a public hearing should be held about the tax list and that he believes this issue should be the main focus of town officials over the next couple of months until it is straightened out.

Straightening out this issue could prove a yeoman’s task, but Temple says he’s willing to tackle the challenge head-on.

One challenge officials will face, he said, is that residents will inevitably say they’ve paid taxes but have no proof. “That’s a problem,” he said. “That’s a real problem.”

He said he will meet with selectmen, the town attorney, the finance director, the Board of Finance, the tax collector and others to figure out how to address that issue.

Anyone who sees their name on the list of delinquent taxpayers – it can be found attached to this story, click on the PDF on the right-hand side – should call the tax collector’s office at 203.888.2543, ext. 3022.

Note: *Temple noted Wednesday the $670,000 figure goes back just five years and is what could be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. He and other officials speculate that the true amount taken was far greater. The reason people's accounts show they didn't pay when in fact they did, town officials say, is because Guillet would not credit accounts of people who paid to make it look like she was taking in less money at the office while she pocketed cash.

John M. Joy February 16, 2012 at 02:31 PM
She was the one who discovered the discrepencies in the first place and turned Karen in, so I would be VERY careful, were I you, the direction at which you aim your slings and arrows.
John M. Joy February 16, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Then you are desirous the Town run afoul of whistleblower laws, and be on the hook for a whopping suit.
Paul Singley February 16, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Please note there were some missing words in the original article for some strange reason. I've fixed that now.
Common Sense February 16, 2012 at 04:21 PM
I agree that the list should have been 'vetted' before made public only due to the known fact that the list is most likely obsolete/invalid. Granted the Town Hall is only open 4 days, there should be a reasonable timeline for the list to be brought up-to-date. The approach was like this is a town from the "Scarlett Letter'. Now tell me - why is a list of the Oxford PEOPLE (who don't have protection) being brought out in this 'guilty before innocent' manner while the former TAX-COLLECTOR has an obscene amount of dragged-out yearS-of-protection (pleading non-guilty yet) ??
Someone February 16, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Seems temple did the right thing...by ousting eveyone who seems, based on allbeit inaccurate data, to owe the town money...the town in the end will win....there just has to be patience in the process...vindication for those misrepresented has been publically promised, but a process must occur which collects data to determine who has been"riding the curtails" of the entire "Guillette Scandal".....to put it in laymans' terms, yes, it seems safe to assume that karen was stealing money, the question is...how much.....let's say as a very high estimate that she stole 1million ....where's the orherd missing 9 mil? Some savy entreprenuars have bilked oxford town's people for a ton o cash...let's put pride aside and find out who needs to come clean & pay what is due (plus interest.......that's for another debate)
Someone February 16, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Please excuse my spelling...limitted Technology being used currently
John M. Joy February 16, 2012 at 09:09 PM
"the town in the end will win" - this remains to be seen. Legitimate back taxes have to be identified, as opposed to the "errors" on the list, and billed, and ultimately collected against. In the meantime, we have to hope nobody on that list who in fact paid their taxes, suffered a tangible loss they may seek to recoup in court.
Bette February 17, 2012 at 12:48 PM
I for one am glad this list was published. Otherwise, I would never have known that my name was on that list. I know I paid my taxes. Now this can be cleared up.
John M. Joy February 17, 2012 at 12:52 PM
You don't read your mail? What if you were sent a letter?
Dave February 17, 2012 at 02:41 PM
As I understand it from other articles. The past town Attorney was sending letters out with very little results. Now we all know if our names are on the list and the citizens that did pay will be able to clear this up. Was Jacky O.able to clear up this mess and reduce this list?Did anyone ask her what she was doing about it? I don't recall hearing any discussions around town about people rushing to the tax office to clear anything up. I bet the tax office is now getting the info they need to clear this list up. Think of all the people that did not know their accounts were not properly credited, or unaware they actually do owe the money. We will also be able to get back tax revenue that is due the town,
John M. Joy February 17, 2012 at 02:53 PM
To whom did he send the letters? My dead grandfather (on the list)? My father and the partner with whom he had investment land fifteen years ago (long since sold)? They've since moved. There are a LOT of spurious records on that list. Why was there no attempt made to purge them? Shortly after Karen left, delinquency notices DID go out, and DID generate a response (sometimes a rather heated one). Don't you recall that? (And that was before Jackie's time. Not sure what she did.) And the tax office will STILL need to send out letters. You see, not everyone in town reads the Patch or Indy. (Sorry Paul and Gene, that's simply the case.) People do, by and large, respond to a letter with "TAX COLLECTOR, TOWN OF OXFORD" in the return address. In the meantime, ALL of the people on that list have been outed, in a VERY public manner, as deadbeats, whether they are or not. YOU may not find that insulting; many of the rest of us do.
Dave February 17, 2012 at 03:22 PM
We now have an experienced and certified tax collector in the office.I am confident in her abilities along with Sharon's, I'm sure you were able to clear up your problems or will be able to soon. She will need time and information which I'm sure she is now getting. I did not look at the list as is they were all deadbeats. There are people on there that actually do owe us money and now maybe we will get it. (who knows maybe some of those taxes are for abandoned motor vehicles on some one's property. Running or not they are still taxable. This may give them incentive to remove them,)
jim lyons February 17, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Someone states "Some say savy entrepenaurs have bilked oxford town's people for a ton of cash". Question -- any proof to support that view? Did you hear this from a public official? Or someone with credible knowledge re this sutuation? What is the basis for your remark? Looking forward to your response.
John M. Joy February 17, 2012 at 03:30 PM
You are absolutely correct - Cayenne and Sharon are doing a fine job, and will get the tax database straightened out... if left alone and allowed to do so. Despite her considerable prior experience, Cayenne's been in her current position only as long as George has been in his, and has produced outstanding results in a short time. And no, I do not believe publishing the list was HER idea. You or I can "look at" the list however we want; the fact remains it is labeled a DELINQUENCY list, with names alongside amounts purportedly owed. And it has been published.
Tush February 17, 2012 at 04:50 PM
I would love to see the Auditor thrown out on his arse and sue him for damages. How many years has he been auditing our books?
Dick Kaminski February 17, 2012 at 04:58 PM
You need to understand the scope of the audit[s] as well as the representations made to the auditors.


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