Temple Plans to Pass Along Surplus in Form of Reduced Taxes

First selectman says the town has a $1.2 million surplus.


Oxford First Selectman George Temple says he plans to return a projected surplus of $1.2 million to the town in a form of reduced taxes.

He announced that in a news release Wednesday that states the town’s fund balance has increased from $3.46 million to $4.7 million, for a total surplus of $1.25 million. That's according to a preliminary audit recently conducted by Meyers & Company L.L.C, certified public accountants from Danbury.

Temple said the surplus is a result of many hours of work in the town’s finance office, coupled with a pragmatic approach in managing the town’s resources.

“The Board of Education, under the leadership of Paula Guillet, has demonstrated what can be accomplished when we concentrate on the best interest of the taxpayer instead of parochial self-interest,’’ Temple said.

The Board of Education returned a $333,578 surplus to the town, 

The town also had a $604,567 rebate for insurance and $350,000 in reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Association for Hurricane Irene and Storm Alfred relief.

The preliminary audit will be forwarded to the Board of Finance, which will meet next on Dec. 17. After the finance board reviews the surplus, it will be filed with the town clerk’s office and the State of Connecticut’s Office of Policy and Management.

Oxford Finance Director Jim Hliva stated in the news release he was happy the audit was done this year before the state's deadline and without an extension.

“We were very lucky we had the mild winter we did last year after we suffered through Hurricane Irene and Storm Alfred on Halloween 2011,’’ he said.

Dad in Oxford December 14, 2012 at 01:33 AM
I am 100% agreement with Dick and I will admit, I have been wrong in my past view of him. I believe, at the end of the day, he takes a logical and well thought out approach to discuss the long-term needs of Oxford. It's that type of thinking that we need, from all, if we are to afford our future as a community.
Ed Spruck December 14, 2012 at 01:41 AM
Mr. Temple states “The Board of Education, under the leadership of Paula Guillet, has demonstrated what can be accomplished when we concentrate on the best interest of the taxpayer instead of parochial self-interest,’’ Temple said. The Board of Education returned a $333,578 surplus to the town. Sorry George nothing could be further from the truth. In the April 4, 2012 edition of Voices I said in a letter to the editor; “At Oxford’s BoF meeting March 28th Dr Reed, interim Superintendent, hinted a surplus this year and returning it to the town to lower the tax burden. He based this on the March 26th 7:30am BoE sub-committee meeting when the Business Manager’s improved budget control and tracking forecasted up to about $325,000 surplus. The surplus is from the mild winter’s significantly reduced consumption of heating oil district wide, electric usage to heat Great Oak, a one-third reduction on electricity rates starting March 1st negotiated by the First Selectman, medical benefits savings by employing “interim” Superintendents for the year and nine months for the Director of Special Services, and anticipation of an insurance check for damage caused by the August Hurricane. “ Ms Guillet’s had no impact on these drivers of the FY 11-12 surplus. To imply otherwise is a disservice to the public.
Ed Spruck December 14, 2012 at 01:42 AM
At the March Town Hearing on the FY 12-13 Budget I reiterated the expected surplus. Mr. Carbonaro said the surplus would only be ~$135k. Ms Guillet was insulted anyone not on the BoE would even comment on their budget. No inspiring leadership there. At the BoE meeting on Dec 11th half the BoE felt they were snookered by Ms Guillet and Mr. Carbonaro’s unsubstantiated claims supporting the change in the athletic league. Leadership on this BoE is sadly lacking, and in fact they seem to be intent on riding rough shod over the other half of its members. We need new leadership on this BoE, some one who will bring the board together and be inclusive with the parents and students who were blindsided by this sudden change of leagues during the holiday season. “Self-interest” seems to be how this BoE operates.
JustaMom December 14, 2012 at 08:20 AM
One has to wonder where the surplus would really be if the 700K from the BOE audit had been done, years ago as requested, (nope we increased the wrong number) of course there are "extra funds"...if the embezzlement had been caught years earlier, as it should have been, (kudos to Sharon Scinto for actually finding it) how much of this is because we are now actually collecting taxes as should have been done all along. And yes the BoF has to approve it. Mr. Temple has kept saying there is no money, there is no money, Now suddenly there is a surplus? It will be a one year surplus and is pre-mature, regardless of where Mr. Temples heart is, it looks good to the public now. Wwhich is what is intended. I'm sure the fact of this "surplus" will be needed later. This is short-term thinking.
Janis Hardy December 26, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Well stated, Mr. Burke! The First Selectman should realize that only the Board of Finance has the power to 'return' any surplus to taxpayers via the budgetary process. However, in agreement with your long-term proposals, a most effective use of any identified 'surplus' would be to recommend to a Town Meeting that some of these funds be transferred into the Town's Open Space account and into the Capital Non-Recurring Expense Account. This would effectively reduce future tax assessments by allocating these funds for the needed maintenance projects you have identified.


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