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Last week we screened Barbara Marx Hubbard's "Our Story" and invited you to return for a weekly consideration of the timely topic- " Conscious Evolution" as we participate in the Birthing process of a new culture in  2012.

Join us at 7pm the second FRIDAY of each month to view the lecture series and discussion of 'Agents of Conscious Evolution training'.

With permission from Barbara and the Shift Network, we will be showing the taped video feed from the 12 incredible lectures we heard live and will be using the same materials we received in our training to develop meaningful group dialogue and offer  weekly deepening practices that help shift ego to essence and support authentic connection with the impulse of Source that moves through each of us toward planetary awakening.

This is rare opportunity that is not expected to be repeated at the Center. This event will culminate in Birth 2012 on Dec 21, 2012 with celebration and concrete ideas to bring forward into the community during 2013 and beyond. 

We are committed to  'giving our gifts to the Shift' and this is one way that we feel we can support you who are our community.


 by donation $5-$15 per ACE event

to support the Center's growth and overhead expenses. 



From Steven Dinan and the Shift Network: 

'You likely know that we have a very bold vision for what is possible to help shift things in a positive evolutionary direction on planet earth and you, by making this commitment to be part of this course, are now part of that global team. You're going to be in for a lot of inspiration, some deep wisdom, and some electric collaboration over the next 12 weeks (*months)

With the threat of environmental and social collapse in many parts of the world, our culture has lost its compelling meta-narrative. However, when you place yourself in the Universe Story - the 13.7 billion year sacred story of evolution through crisis and transformation leading to ever higher consciousness, freedom and more synergistic order - you can see that we are actually facing consciously what nature has learned to do for billions of years. During this week, you will:

Understand the unfolding of the Universe Story through deep-time history using the evolutionary spiral as a developmental framework.

Recognize that you are an expression of the Universe Story; you are the universe in person, unfolding in an evolutionary mode, as the universe becoming conscious of itself.

Reflect on the power of story to change yourself and the world, and see how this story applies to your experience.

Clarify your intention and purpose in choosing to evolve.'



A letter from Barbara Marx Hubbard:


Dear Agents of Conscious Evolution:

In all my long years of pioneering for conscious evolution, this is the greatest moment of choice we have ever faced together as a species. It is evolution or devolution and even extinction of many life forms on this Earth.

The great question is: What can we do to "cross the gap" from here - breakdowns, to there - breakthroughs, toward a co-creative society?

How do we support and build on the vast uprising for greater democracy and equality in the Occupy and global Change Movements, offering our gift to this shift, which is taking place right before our eyes?

You have chosen to respond by taking action on these important questions by participating in our Agents of Conscious Evolution Training.

Our purpose is to form an ever-growing community to embody the worldview of conscious evolution, in ourselves and society, and become evolutionary leaders in the global shift.

In the ACE Training, I present a vast overview, or context, that gives meaning to our crises and shared direction to our efforts.

Among the key elements of ACE, every agent is invited to:


● Make the Inner Shift from Ego to Essence

 ● Identify your deepest vocational arousal 

● Form ACE partnerships to increase resonance in your life 

● Connect with others to co-create projects that fulfill our own highest potential

 ● And most important of all, join millions of us as part of a global team in the shared purpose of a planetary birth experience - a shift in global consciousness and creativity, on Dec. 22, 2012. Called "Birth 2012," it is a dynamic opportunity in the works right now to contribute our gifts to the shift in time to avoid the worst of the collapses now foreseen.You will be invited to join the Shift Networking websites and participate in Birth 2012 during the Shift Network's Four Great Seasonal Celebrations of Health, Sustainability, Wealth and Peace. These seasons address vital needs of each individual's health and well-being to help prepare everyone to offer their greatest self toward the planetary shift. These seasonal celebrations culminate in Birth 2012, a time of massive convergence, emergence and co-creativity. We are expecting millions to be involved.


Starting right where you are, you will be invited to form Shift Circles where you live, using the Vistar method, to deepen your own resonance and community; to reach out to form local and regional hubs where you live; to bring together people from other groups and organizations in the arenas of health, education business, spirituality, media, environment; moving into greater synergistic dialogues, seeking common goals and matching needs with resources throughout the growing movement for massive change.


You will be connected with the work of the newly formed Welcoming Committee, composed of leaders of our movement joining to co-create the planetary shift together, including Jean Houston, Neale Donald Walsch, Lynne Twist, Lynne McTaggart, Jack Canfield, Rinaldo Brutoco, Dot Maver, James O'Dea, Ervin Laszlo, Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Ashok Gangadean. Please listen to the their magnificent offerings on the Convergence Day (http://birth2012convergence.com/). 


It is a basis of the emerging world in microcosm and a vital step in your ACE curriculum.


You can form your own Welcoming Committee right were you live. You will be linking center with center and hub with hub for a shared purpose to help catalyze the first Birth Day Party for humanity's next era of evolution based on what is working in the world. This could be the greatest experience of planetary coherence since the first Big Bang.


With love and excitement, Barbara


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