Survey: What Are Your Opinions of Full-Day Kindergarten?

The Oxford Public School District wants to know.

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[Editor's Note: For the latest on this issue, see this article with comments from Oxford Superintendent of Schools Tim Connellan.]

In an effort to gather input about full-day kindergarten programs, the Oxford Public School District is asking that each household with pre-school children complete a brief survey.

The link to the survey can be found here.

The survey may also be accessed on the District website under the “News and Announcements” section.

Hard copies of the survey may be obtained at each of the local schools in the district or at the Administrative Offices, 1 Great Hill Road, Oxford. 

Questions regarding the survey may be directed to the Office of the Superintendent, by calling 203-888-7754.

town news December 17, 2013 at 07:25 PM
Just all day day care with a price tag of 1 mil for property owners. free for the kids parents a burden on the rest of us.
Oxford Citizen December 18, 2013 at 07:12 AM
Town news. Where are you getting your numbers from? Would like to know the breakdown. These kindergartens are already in school. They currently have their own bus schedule picking up and taking home. That expense should be weighted as a savings. Would also like to know what other savings there would be by having them in school all day rather than 1/2 day. Reminder the parents also pay taxes which goes toward education and other town programs. Speaking as a parent with 2 grown adult, I currently would like to see an all day kindergarten. It is the towns responsibility to educate the young. I view it as a benefit rather than a burden. They would be better prepared to 1st grade rather than having special programs for transition and taking away from education time. Would like more facts behind what money is spent or saved. What are we getting for the $$$$?
Mark K December 18, 2013 at 07:59 AM
With all of the 2-hour delays my morning K'er has missed an incredible amount of school already this year while the afternoon K'ers still continue to have school. Today, he's missing out on his sing-along, which I took a day off of work to see. Stinks for both of us. With a core curriculum in place (yes, even for Kindergarden), the budget numbers I've seen (sorry, no sources) and, from what I understand, declining enrollment, full-day K is a no brainer.
town news December 18, 2013 at 08:04 AM
town news I'll give you the savings on the transportation once a day except twice. (morning and Afternoon pick up) Now we will need twice as many teachers or higher class #s, the assistants that watch over them while they nap, and the extra class rooms with everything needed. If that cost is $300,000.00 extra to the budget that would be about 1 mill or we can keep the same budget and cut the curriculum and any extra teachers needed for the older students to keep the same budget. Maybe we can remove the Vice principle from GOMS to off set the cost. Look how much it is costing Seymour for an example. What did they cut? What was the tax increase amount? What are you willing to pay for a daycare program that is not State mandated? Average cost per household for a $3000,000.00 home and a 1 mil increase is $300.00 every year. Teachers are not free and I would rather see any money spent on the older students let not start a daycare program.
town news December 18, 2013 at 08:14 AM
Mark sorry for you missing out on the sing along. Delays disrupt all leaning in all grades.
Joe Hines December 18, 2013 at 01:46 PM
I am not sure where I stand on this. The selfish side of me says my kids are well past kindergarten why should I pay for someone else’s child. The more benevolent side says this is the direction that most districts have either moved towards or are in the process-bring it on. I also recognize that not having full day kindergarten can be counter intuitive if we are looking to increase the value of our property. What puzzles me is the use of survey monkey for this process. Survey monkey can be easily manipulated and cannot be relied upon for an appropriate sampling of public opinion or public need. In the end we are going to have full day kindergarten and that is a reality. My kids won’t benefit from it but then again there are many roads that are maintained in town that my tax dollar goes towards that I don’t drive on. The senior center will not benefit me for another 20 years or so. I haven’t had my dog at the dog pound either but these are all things we collectively pay for, for the benefit of the community
town news December 18, 2013 at 04:54 PM
I use the figure of $300,000.00 in additional spending as that was the number thrown out there by one of the candidates. I believe it will be much higher and must be paid every year that full day kindergarten is in place. Joe you mention the senior center and dog pound as a caparison but that is not accurate. The initial cost of both facilities is high,but after they are built will be a much lower $# yearly for maintenance costs Ect. teachers salaries rise as the years pass and with education will continue upward yearly. I would much rather see education money spent on the children in the upper grades rather than for full day daycare paid for by the limited amount of money from the tax payer. If a parent were told they would have to foot the bill to enroll their child, most would not see the value of it. Make it a pay to play program and that would most likely end the debate right there. We do have nursery school in Quaker Farms and parents are complaining they don't get free bus service to and from that program. Parents will find the cheapest cost of daycare if they are the one's paying for it. kindergarten is not a mandated program. Johnny and Sally can go straight to first grade at age 6 without ever being away from Mommy's side their entire lives.
Mat Adams December 18, 2013 at 10:14 PM
Dear own news where you against the 3 million dollar football field?
Mat Adams December 18, 2013 at 10:15 PM
Dear town news why don't you use a real name kind of douchy using a fake name.
Mat Adams December 18, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Dear town news you are very angry why. Your home will be worth money now that Oxford will be at the same level as ALL of the surrounding towns.
Mat Adams December 18, 2013 at 10:28 PM
Dear anyone who doesn't have the courage to use a real name. ACT LIKE AN ADULT. Really "town news, concerned citizen, jackhammer" so sad.
Mat Adams December 18, 2013 at 10:30 PM
I agree with Town News we should charge kids for sports "pay to play" to support the town education system
Frank December 19, 2013 at 08:03 AM
My grandson lives in CO, his mother paid extra for him to stay all day. It's not full day K per say but they do educational activities. It worked great for him they did alot of reading and he was reading 1st grade level books by himself. I don't know if that would work here in CT. CO doesn't have the union so they may have more options.
Frank December 19, 2013 at 08:05 AM
PS I'm for all day as an option but I don't think it should be required.
Oxford Citizen December 19, 2013 at 08:29 AM
How many first graders are held back because they are not ready? Not everything can be measured in $$$. What are we getting for the money? The state education requirements are the same for Oxford and Bridgeport. Need more input from teachers. Even at quiet time children are developing a skill how to wind down, relax and to respect others space. Not all kids nap? Kindergarten is a transition period to get children ready for school and on the same page. Preparing a group of new first graders to the system takes away from education time for all first graders. Keep in mind half of the kindergartners are starting school at noontime. They still need to be prepared to start learning at 9 am rather than 1 pm. Since children begin to learn at a very young age and at different speeds, the younger they are taught how to study and learn will have more benefits than later on. On programs for older students - Is it possible for a 16 year old to have enough credits to graduate? Not all kids are college material. Why are we paying taxes for kids that don't want to be in school? I would like to see more job training programs for this group but that’s another debate.
Oxford Citizen December 19, 2013 at 08:29 AM
Mat Adams - There is an advantage to not knowing someone’s true identity. It makes you listen to what the person is saying rather than attacking the individual speaker
Gary Jeanfaivre (Editor) December 19, 2013 at 09:48 AM
More information about the study of full-day kindergarten, with comments from Superintendent of Schools Tim Connellan, in this article: http://oxford-ct.patch.com/groups/schools/p/fullday-kindergarten-study-prompted-by-common-core
town news December 19, 2013 at 11:13 AM
I am all for educating OLDER students and not for putting toddlers in an all day program. A trade program is an excellent example. Yes I was for the field and think it is a great asset to the town. When you expand a program it must be worth the money and all day kindergarten in my opinion will be a waste of it. @ Oxford citizen children are held back in kindergarten and many repeat it the following year before they even make it to first grade. If we are going to increase our taxes for a program it should be for older students who can actually benefit from it not for toddlers that still hold onto their teddy bears and wet their pants.@mat just because other towns have all day daycare doesn't mean all towns need it. sort of like the old saying about jumping off a bridge don't you think.
Oxford Citizen December 19, 2013 at 04:25 PM
town news - Your comments about toddlers, teddy bears and wet pants were unnecessary. Stick to facts not accusations. Toddlers are ages 1 to 3 years. Preschoolers are ages 3 to 5 years. Children are also held back in First grade because of adjustment problems. Oxford currently has approx half of the town's 5 year olds coming in at 9am and the other half coming in at 1pm. That means only half of the 1st grade population is prepared to start learning at 9am. The other half already has a learning adjustment to deal with on the first day of school. The program would benefit the entire kindergarten population. When you expand a program it must be worth the money. On your comment of educating OLDER students -Another topic but i support programs for older students. These kids are not being prepared for the real world and an apprentice program might help. All of my kids had jobs at age 13. It taught them how to handle money, self confidence, how to deal with the real public and didn't cost the town one cent. Not everyone benefited from the field but i wouldn't take it away from the ones it does benefits. By the time kids are in high school, they should have some type of direction that they can pursue on their own. A kindergartner and new parents need guidance. Being a parent has always been a work in progress. If the parents and the teachers can get on the same page early on, the children of all ages will benefit.
town news December 19, 2013 at 05:59 PM
@OC your argument hold no water most children enter 1st grade at age 6 and kindergarten at age 5. kindergarteners must be 5 years old before Dec 31st of the year of enrolment. It is voluntary to enroll your child in kindergarten. So if they are held back in 1st grade Which is mandatory to have your child enrolled, their second time at trying will be at 7 years old. One year makes as huge difference in the development of a "Toddler".
town news December 19, 2013 at 06:30 PM
Sorry OC a Toddler is defined as a child 3-5 years. Preschoolers are kindergarten age. A Preschool (also nursery school, kindergarten (not USA)) is a educational establishment offering early childhood education to children between the ages of three and five, or seven, prior to the commencement of compulsory education at primary school. They may be privately operated or government-run, and the costs may be subsidized.
Oxford Citizen December 19, 2013 at 10:08 PM
Check your info on Wikipedia again town news. Preschoolers can start preschool or nursery school at age 3. From Wikipedia: " A toddler is a child between the ages of one and three.["
Lisa Teodosio December 19, 2013 at 11:33 PM
Wow, "Town News," I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge that you possess about education, especially in regards to kindergarten! I am very curious to hear your opinion of the Connecticut mandated Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten. For example, how do you feel about the Writing curriculum, not only in the narrative strands, but in the non-fiction and persuasive writing strands as well? Or maybe you'd like to address using text dependent questions to determine the kindergartner's understanding of an informational text that he or she has just read? Go ahead, tell us. Then you can start on the Math standards.
town news December 20, 2013 at 01:18 PM
Discussion and Conclusion Hypothesis 1 is accepted; there is not a significant difference in language arts achievement as measured by the California Standards assessment between students attending an full-day kindergarten program and those students who attended a traditional half-day kindergarten program. Hypothesis 2 is accepted; there is not a significant difference in math achievement as measured by the California Standards assessment between students attending a full-day kindergarten program and those students who attended a traditional half-day kindergarten program. Hypothesis 3 is accepted, attendance in a full-day kindergarten program is not a predictor of achievement in second-grade students. From Full-Day Kindergarten Effects on Later Academic Success long read can be found at this http://sgo.sagepub.com/conten/2/1/2158244012442677.full There are many studies about FDK and lasting effects like http://www.npri.org/issues/publication/npri-testimony-pre-k-and-full-day-kindergarten-programs-produce-only-small-and-temporary-gains I have given you my opinion and don not wish to waste anymore of my time on this subject and will leave it up to the taxpayers in Oxford to decide what we need for our children's education. I believe that money will be better spent on the education of older children.
TRIXY TRUTHSEEKER January 02, 2014 at 10:36 PM
Only five years…. that is really all you EVER have to raise your child with your ideals, like and dislikes, teach them manners, respect, and most importantly love. Don't have them if you can't afford to at least be home with them in those most important, first 5 to 6 years. It's when their personality is developed. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in children that are actually raised by their own mother and not dropped off at a florescent lighted, germ infested, poorly staffed by strangers,... KENNEL. Many of these daycare kennels are staffed with people that can't get employment at anything else. The thing is, they make no investment in your little one. Children NEED LOVE AND AFFECTION! These strangers are not allowed to give love or affection! They feed, change diapers, but they don't LOVE them. I have had these children at my home over the years. Many, I call daycare drones. They have a blank expression on their face and no personality. Yes, it's tough not having two incomes and not having our own money for that great bag or pair of designer shoes... We may not have had the great new SUV'S or the winter ski and spring Island trips. We didn't have all the latest and greatest gadgets. We didn't have cleaning ladies and we didn't have lots of take out or trips out to dinner. We did have pizza on Friday nites, an occasional movie and trips to the skating rink and sunny days at the lake and the beach, museums, amusement parks and even the library. My husband and I read to our kids all the time when they were small. We raised our children. They are our children! You can teach them their abc's at home and teach them to write their name. You can share an apple, a hug and a nap with them too! They are the most precious gift; so many people try so hard to have a child and can't. Why would you trust a stranger with them??By first grade they will be well adjusted and ready for social schooling. Remember, your children won't remember the car you drove, or the great pair of boots you gave them when they are 25… They will remember coming first in your life before all the "stuff" that we think we need. Give your time and your love at least the first 5 or 6 years and trust me, a mother of really great kids, it's worth it's weight in gold.
kathy johnson February 03, 2014 at 02:05 PM
Bravo! Trixy My boys are age 39 and 41. I learned this the hard way. The years pass all too quickly. Like many young mothers my whole life revolved around the uninportant things. Guess what wether they get all day kindergarden or four hours of homework every night
kathy johnson February 03, 2014 at 02:07 PM
does not matter. What matters is the time you spend as a family. They learn anyway.


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