Three Bridgeport Schools Discuss Joining the NVL

Along with Oxford, Bridgeport schools Bassick, Central and Harding have made inquiries about moving the Naugatuck Valley League.


Bridgeport public high schools Warren Harding, Bridgeport Central and Bassick have inquired with the Naugatuck Valley League about a possible move to the NVL, league President Tom Pompei confirmed with Oxford Patch.

The news, originally reported Monday on the "Overtime" blog run by Stamford Advocate reporter and columnist Dave Ruden, comes on the heels an Oxford Board of Education decision to ask for acceptance into the NVL. 

Pompei, the athletic director at Naugatuck High School, said that Bassick, Central and Harding - perennial boys basketball powers - "have made inquiries. That's it." He said Oxford has inquired about joining the NVL, as well. None of the schools have filed formal applications. 

Oxford's decision has been met with mixed reactions in the community. Many believe the move is in the best interest of students, but some think Oxford should remain in the South-West Conference. Some have told Oxford Patch they plan to attend Tuesday night's (Nov. 27) Board of Education meeting at Oxford High School and attempt to discuss the issue with school board members. 

Bassick, Central and Harding currently play in the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference, or FCIAC. 


Dad November 28, 2012 at 01:08 PM
So if these schools are added it just about goes against most of the reason why the NVL is a better fit for Oxford. Central, Harding and Bassick are all L to LL schools with enrollments of 2193, 1593 and 1156. That is bigger than the "big" schools of the SWC. Travel will now be increased because some thought Bethel and Brookfield are to far, Bridgeport is farther away from OHS. Even one of the school's coaches said that they don't have the academics to fit in with the other FCIAC schools. Lets lower our standards even more. 3 Bridgeport schools do not have gymansitics, boys and girls swimming, non-existant track, indoor track and cross-country teams. 2 do not have girls soccer and 1 no wrestling. Moving to the NVL is really going to help the Oxford student-athlete.
movingsale November 28, 2012 at 05:17 PM
I'm choosing not to bang my head against this issue any further Dad. It appears this decision has already been made, and trying to find politics is an exercise in futility. This is a bad decision, one not based on any substance, including the ones you mention here. There will come a day for our "I told you so's," mark my words. I will likely have voted with my feet by that point by moving to a town where politics and planning are done in a more deliberate, thoughtful, and inclusive manner.
Johnny Ribbs December 03, 2012 at 11:28 PM
If the Bridgeport schools being added goes to an NVL AD vote (which I would believe how it would go) there is no way on earth this passes. Oxford does fit in with the NVL in many good ways (you can debate if the SWC is a better fit in other ways). The Bridgeport schools (who i feel very bad for in this situation) need a home. They can't compete with the other large FCIAC schools in any sport other than boy's b-ball. I can't imagine that any of the suburban NVL schools would see adding 3 Bpt. schools as a good idea. I doubt the Waterbury publics would either.
Dad December 05, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Johnny I think it is the principals that vote, not the ADs. I could be wrong. This is what happens when the leagues get to big. The SCC is huge, the Tech League is huge, the CCC or whatever it is has over 20 teams in it and it leaves a lot schools in bad shape. I miss the smaller leagues that were around in the 80s.


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