Milford – The Small Town with a Lot of Weeds

Milford – the small town with a lot of weeds. Driving to or from Stratford you see a park with weeds. Weeds around the bushes and trees. Weeds pushing up through the sidewalks.

Milford – the small town with a lot of weeds. Driving to or from Stratford you see a park with weeds. Weeds where flowers should be. Weeds around the bushes and trees. Weeds pushing up through the sidewalks. Some of the weeds are flowering now – a festive sight. Travel down Bridgeport Avenue and what do you see? Weeds growing on both sides of every curb.

Our elected officials probably think about the green when they think about Milford but tens of thousands of people know Milford from their drive through Devon, Gateway to Milford. Most of them drive through in the middle of the traffic jams caused by the frequent accidents on I-95 so they have plenty of time to take in the sight.

If they’re lucky enough to be going through at night, they can distract the kids by having them count the burned out street lights. This isn’t a game for really young children because you have to be able to count above 10.

Public Works has been handed a bad situation. The design of the park and streetscape require excessive maintenance but until the design situation can be addressed, someone needs to pull the weeds and replace the burned out lights.

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Tom Jagodzinski June 08, 2012 at 11:59 AM
I went to the park a couple days a week and pulled weeds all summer long one year. I did my absolute best to keep the area looking good. I know from personal experience how much effort is involved and I know that it’s highly unlikely that a volunteer effort will solve this problem. These volunteer efforts will probably be counterproductive because Public Works will assume it’s being handled and not do anything.
jungis4545 June 08, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Don't overreact, Jennifer. Your donations were the lipstick, the nice part of trhe analogy. The pig part is the parks. No need to personalize it. Besides, Tom's observations are right on the mark. Whatever the efforts and intentions, weeds define Devon's parks. Devon itself is an eyesore.
Concerned Parent June 08, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Perhaps you can work with your neighbors in the local community and friends to coordinate a "Pickup the Park" event and extend an invite to local schools and organizations. I'm confident that those weeds will disappear in no time.
RONALD M GOLDWYN June 10, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Dear Devon residents, I have listened to what you have said, I have asked questions and received a few answers, and now I want to express my neutral opinion. The redevelopment of the Devon community has been a great thing for all of Milford. Devon is not the business center of Milford, but it has business. It is not the marine center of Milford, but it has its share of marine life. Devon has it's share of Milford's history. What this all means is that its residents have a right to feel community pride and that they should also feel that they are an important part of the city of Milford. Tom J. has asked an important question and that is, does Devon have the right to feel that it is an equal neighborhood of the City of Milford, and if it is, does it not have the right for an equal share of municipal services, such as park maintenance. Tom is not being partisan, in asking for the new administration to treat his community fairly. The Clocktower Park is new to Milford and so the park department must make room for it. It is like what will happen if we added a new firehouse, ball field or government service. It is unfair for the active residents of Devon who are part of the Redevelopment Commission to blame the messenger and not band together in unity to press their claim to the City Administration. I'm just one city resident, but I feel what is good for Devon is good for Milford.
Cheryl Craig Smith June 12, 2012 at 01:12 PM
Wow, why not put your energy into something useful? If you see the weeds, pull them, if you get a chance call the Public Works. The thing I love about Milford and the reason I raised my children here is the fact that this city cares. Why not look at the good, help fix the bad and stop complaining?


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