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Education: B.S. Elementary Education - Math Science and Geography,
Experience: Oxford High School Building Committee Jan. 2004-Completion                      New Oxford School Planning and Building Committee July 2010 through present Current Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor, Town of Oxford Park & Rec. and Homemaker Family: Steven Cote, spouse. Children Dana (11), Erin (9), Robin (6), Ryan (5) I believe that having taught in public school, being a parent, and a taxpayer will allow me to look at all aspects relating to decisions that an effective Board of Education is expected to make. From my years as a teacher, I know the challenges they face everyday in their classrooms and the tools they need to reach our children and lead them into their future. A respectful BOE will utilize that expertise to its fullest advantage without compromising the taxpayer's dollar. As a taxpayer, I dislike seeing my taxes go up just as much as everyone else. The reality is, someone paid for our public education growing up and it is up to us to make sure those same opportunities are given to the children in Oxford. The dividends are not in the dollars and cents as a return on investment; it is in producing productive members of society. As a parent, we all want the best education possible for our children. Parents should be able to express their own concerns at a BOE meeting without feeling as if it isn't going to matter anyway. The BOE is supposed to work for us, the citizens and children of Oxford.
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